Aussie champion will be carving up Woodstock

Rob Bast is returning to Woodstock again this year,  the current Australian Champion Chainsaw Carver. 

The chainsaw is to Rob Bast is what a brush is to a painter. It is fascinating to watch how effortlessly this talented sculptor can carve pieces of log into masterpiece works of art. 

Rob Bast is a self taught sculptor form the Yarra Valley in Victoria Australia. 

He works with various materials such as wood, steel, ice and stone. 

Having always enjoyed drawing and sculpture, Rob started chainsaw carving in 2003 and then started sculpting full time in 2009, building a thriving business concentrating on chainsaw carving and metal sculpture.

Rob has been invited to compete at chainsaw sculpture competitions nationally and internationally.

He is the current Australian Chainsaw Carving Champion, winning the title in 2015, 2017 and 2018. This is only the third time that Rob has sculpted in NSW, having showcased his talents in most other states. 

Rob and his amazing skill was recently showcased on Channel 7's Better Homes and Garden. 

Rob will sculpt three pieces on show day. The pieces created will be for sale, the show will, at their discretion sell or auction the prized artworks.