Drive to the road conditions across the low level

Cowra Shire Council is asking motorists to drive to the road conditions after a second driver has ended up in the Lachlan River while approaching Cowra’s low level crossing.

After the latest incident this week Cowra Shire general manager Paul Devery asked, whilst not suggesting speed was a factor, motorists to drive to the road conditions and to designated speed limits.

In early July motorists in Cowra were forced from using the low level bridge after a Mitsubishi Triton also rolled into the Lachlan River.

The vehicle was travelling east along the bridge when it left the roadway and flipped onto its side and into the river.

On both occasions the sole occupants, both males, were able to free themselves without injury.

Rain may have been a factor in the latest incident.


As with all things to do with Cowra’s low level bridge the latest incident caused plenty of comment on social media.

One reader, Erin Bryant said she was “dumbfounded that one person did it let alone two”.

Another reader, Ken Webb, suggested “too many people go way too fast down the hill and across the bridge, (it) does get a little slippery when it’s wet”.

Adding, “good to hear he’s okay” in reference to the driver involved in this week’s accident.

Commenting on any future plans for the bridge, with Cowra Shire Council currently investigating an alternative cross of the Lachlan River, Russell Denning said; “imagine if the bridge is made dual lane, the extra traffic it will invite”

Mr Denning, who is opposing any move to remove the bridge added: “oh well Council knows best, only want a new bridge to add a cycle way. Must be going to be a huge wide bridge to give a metre clearance to cyclists”.

Another reader, Cameron Marold warned of the slippery condition of the bridge.

“The wood top of the low level is way to slick in the wet weather. It doesn’t take much too loose traction on the wet wood top over the low level. Quite a few cars have crashed there in the last few years,” Mr Marold said.