Condemnation of actions

A dead kangaroo near the Cowra Prisoner of War campsite.

A dead kangaroo near the Cowra Prisoner of War campsite.

The deliberate mowing down of kangaroos in areas of north Cowra has been widely condemned.

The Cowra Guardian revealed on Thursday that groups of youths had been conducting their own “cull” of the kangaroos in recent months, killing or maiming the animals and leaving thousands of dollars worth of damage to council road verges and parks.

Their actions have prompted a number of concerned local residents to raise the issue with the dying or dead kangaroos often discovered by morning walkers.

”These kids are out killing the animals for fun,” a concerned resident said.

The maximum penalties in NSW, according to the RSPCA website is five years jail and $22,000 for an individual under the Crimes Act 1900, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979.

“This has been going on for months,” Cowra resident Ricki Moore said on the Cowra Guardian facebook page.

“Friends that live locally can hear the cars up there most nights.

“Is it really up to the public to have to drive up there late at night to get rego numbers?

“Police or camera's are needed,” she said.

Supporting Cowra’s push for more police Carolyn Starr said: “Another example of why more police and around the clock policing are needed”.

Alternatively Cowra resident Claire English asked for more action on controlling roo numbers.

“I don’t support animal cruelty or people driving or behaving recklessly,” Ms English said on the Guardian facebook page.

“Kangaroos are out of control at the moment.

“Kangaroos roam free across our country leaving a path of destruction behind them.

“It’s time people took kangaroo numbers seriously and started doing something about them,” Ms English said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Cowra Police on 6341 5099.

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