Justice Crew ready to set Cowra alight on stage

Justice Crew is set to get the party started in Cowra next week and the band is keen to see what towns in regional NSW have to offer. 

The band will be performing on Wednesday, July 18 at the Cowra Civic Centre at 7pm as a part of their So Long tour. 

Justice Crew band member Lukas Bellesini said it’s the band’s second time to Cowra and they can't wait visit. 

“I always say that it’s much better than the cities because everyone is so much more grateful and I think there is more of an eager turn out and people are keen to get in and get the party started with the rural places,” he said. 

“We are really grateful and the energy that everyone brings to the show is amazing, we can’t thank the country people enough for that.”

He said the band chose to head out to rural areas on the tour because it can be difficult for people in the country to visit the city to see their favourite live acts. 

“I think if we do the miles, we get the smiles at the end of the day, just putting that little bit of extra effort in and getting on the road actually does pay off for us,” he said. 

“It’s something we loved to do, we’ve been doing this for about two years now and we find the energy and the place to be these days is out in the rural areas.”

The tour will coincide with the release of the band’s new single, also called So Long – but don’t think the name is a suggestion the band plans to goodbye anytime soon. 

“It was just to trick people that is was a farewell tour,” Lukas jokes. 

“We love to promote the next thing that we’ve got coming out, so we thought why not name it the So Long tour and really get the name of the song out there.

“The song hasn’t been released yet, we are going to release it on first day of the tour, so it keeps people guessing.”

The band has come a long way from winning Australia’s Got Talent, including a US tour and performing with some of music’s biggest names. 

“The major one that really stuck out for us was the Pitbull and Kesha tour,” Lukas said. 

“​Also we got the opportunity and the privileged to perform alongside Janet Jackson when she was in Australia, it was performing with royalty basically.” 

However, Lukas says the band is just as keen to head out on the road in NSW. 

“Big thanks to everyone in Cowra and to all the rural communities across Australia, we love all the support you guys have given us and we can’t wait to come to your town.”