Cowra Council releases satisfaction survey results

Cowra Council has released the results of the 2018 Community Satisfaction Survey.

The report, which was presented at the General Committee Meeting on Monday night, showed the condition of rural and urban roads as the two “key vulnerabilities”. 

Councillor Judi Smith said council was looking into the state of roads across the Cowra Shire.

“The areas of least satisfaction were rural and urban roads and that's something we have been talking about and indeed working on strategies to address for some time,” she said. 

Cr Smith said it was “pleasing" to note that waste and water management was rated highly among residents. 

“We’ve spent a lot of time and a lot of residents’ money on improving those and its good to see that’s delivering better outcomes,” she said. 

Councillor Ray Walsh as pleased with the score of “town livability”. 

“I think was very positive was the score on town livability and I think that sort of fits in very well with the actual survey results,” he said. 

“By and large, a pleasing result but we must make sure we don’t rest on our laurels.”

84 per cent would recommend Cowra as a place to live.