Sheep killed in dog attack near Cowra, police warn owners | Photos

Eight Dorper sheep have been mauled to death and another three were injured after dogs attacked them near Cowra.

Eight nine-month-old ewes were killed in the attack on Saturday at a property in Broula on the Grenfell Road. 

Stock owner Greg Walker was away on the weekend and had to be notified by a neighbour.

“It would have had to of been two or three and fairly big dogs,” Mr Walker said.

“The sheep have been bit on the forehead and nose and dragged to the ground and killed. I’d have to say it’s domestic dogs. They could have roamed kilometres. 

“They would have had a lot of blood on them after killing that many sheep so the owners would have known they were up to no good.”

Mr Walker is trying spread the word regarding the attack on his sheep in an effort to reduce further attacks in the area.

“The trouble is once they get a taste for it they won’t stop. Once they get out again they’ll look for stock,” he said.

Mr Walker reported the attack to police and said it wasn’t the first incident of its kind in the area.

Sergeant Rod Buhr of Cowra Police confirmed the cops are aware of the attack and said it’s important for dog owners to know where their dogs are at all times.

“The most loved house pet has the potential to do this. Dog owners should be aware of this and should make sure they have proper control over their dogs at all times,” he said.

Under the Companion Animals Act it is an offence to have a dog uncontrolled in a public place with possible fines of at least $220.

Dogs that enter enclosed farm land can be destroyed if the owner of the land believes that the dog will molest, attack or cause injury to any farm animals, the Act says.

A spokesperson for Cowra Council on Wednesday said its rangers hadn’t received any reports of dog attacks in the Broula area during the past weeks or months either.

A Weddin Shire ranger late last month issued a warning following a number of “dog related issues”.