RAFCA workshop success ahead of next month’s exhibition

Artist Rebecca Bennett (back row left) with the RAFCA workshop kids.
Artist Rebecca Bennett (back row left) with the RAFCA workshop kids.

Cowra’s youth entered a land of fantasy at the Recycled Art for Cowra Awards (RAFCA) workshop on Tuesday.

The children enjoyed listening to the Rainbow Fish on cassette before jumping in to create their own deep sea fantasy pieces.

Workshop teacher and artist, Rebecca Bennett said all the children could see the artistic possibilities recycled materials offered. 

“We had a room full of very enthusiastic children who obviously love rubbish and recycling, they were very imaginative,” she said.

“We have 2D and 3D works, we had the Rainbow Fish and the Blue Fish that asked for one of the Rainbow Fish’s scales. An octopus, puffer fish, the children then started expanding out into other fantasy areas like the characters from Beauty and the Beast.

“They enjoyed the whole day, I want them to learn a craft while they are here, so I’ve been teaching them to weave,” she said.

Tidy Towns Chairperson, Councilor Judi Smith said this year’s RAFCA competition would focus on fantasy characters and their fantastic adventures.

“All of us never cease to be amazed at the creativity, imagination and hard work that these kids put into what they make not just today but at the competition, we are always stunned,” she said.

“Local businesses give very generously for us to have prizes for the kids and they are always amazed by what they can win, but the creation, collaboration, and kids co-operating is what makes the workshop and competition fun.

“The Darbys Falls Progress association deserves a special mention as a small group who donate some of their hard earned money every year as a prize,” she said.

Entries for the RAFCA competition will be accepted at the Cowra Aquatic Centre on Thursday, August 30 and Friday, August 31 between 11am and 3pm and on Monday, September 3 and Tuesday, September 4 between 1pm to 5pm.

Judging will be held on Wednesday, September 5 with the exhibition held on Sunday, September 9.

Categories available for entry are: Preschool Individual, Preschool Group, Infants Individual, Infants Group, Primary Individual, Primary  Group, High School (7-9) individual, High School (10-12) individual  and High school group.

Entry fees for categories range from $2 to $5.