Man’s freedom is ‘very much on thin ice’

A Cowra man has avoided prison after peeping into an elderly woman’s bedroom.

Peter Leslie Frazer, 30, of Boorowa Road was sentenced at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday to seven months in prison suspended under the condition he’s of good behaviour.

He was facing charges of peep and pry, intimidation and entering enclosed lands. 

The charges put him in breach of a suspended prison sentence which Magistrate Michael O’Brien revoked and reimposed. 

“Mr Frazer, your freedom is now very much on thin ice,” Mr O’Brien said.

“If there’s any further breaches of the law I think you know what the outcome will be.”

The offence occurred about 11.05pm on November 16 last year at a residence on the Lachlan Valley Way.

Police facts tendered at court say Frazer was seen squatting at the window of the bedroom looking underneath the blinds.

He later handed himself into police and blamed the illicit drug ice for his actions.

Police say Frazer told them he had taken ice at nine o’ clock and it was “ruining my life”.

At court, Frazer’s solicitor Mr Geoff Casey said his client had taken steps to address his offending behaviour.

“He has undertaken everything he can at this stage to overcome the problem he had,” Mr Casey said.

Magistrate Michael O’Brien revoked a second bond Frazer was subject to and reimposed it for 18 months.

He was given a one month suspended prison sentence for peeping, received a $100 fine for entering enclosed lands and was handed a 12 months bond for intimidation.

All bonds were made to be served at the same time and he was told to report to Young Community Corrections.