Morongla CWA celebrates all things Poland with international afternoon

On Saturday afternoon, Morongla CWA Branch had their International function at the Morongla Hall. 

The country of study for this year was Poland. 

Members, friends and families attended the afternoon. 

There were beautiful displays of Polish artifacts and treasures, books showing the country side, cultural activities and the peoples’ everyday life. 

Ruth Daintith gave facts and figures about Poland and details of the Stork, the country’s favourite bird. 

The Morongla Mobile Preschool children made some beautiful storks for display together with their Red and White Flags for Poland. 

The teachers and children should be congratulated on the great work they did for our International afternoon.

The highlight of the afternoon was the Powerpoint presentation organised by the Langfield family.  

Monica and Dora told of Poland, showing points of interest, especially family life, Easter and Christmas celebrations. 

The ladies were happy to answer questions from our guests along the way. 

The afternoon tea featured Polish delights made by Monica and provided by the Langfields, some savoury and some sweet.

They were very tasty. 

We had a great display of flora and fauna for the guests to have a look at. 

This year we are learning about orchids, pomegranates and the different kinds of owls. 

The lucky door prize was won by Julie Whitby and second went to Jenny Langfield. 

Proceeds from our function will go to the CWA State International Aids. 

The feedback was great and everyone said it was a very interesting, friendly afternoon. 

Thanks to all who made the afternoon so successful.

The South West Group of the CWA’s Agricultural, Environmental, Cultural and Internation Day is Saturday, June 16 at the Morongla Hall. 

Cost is $25 for the day. 

The Morongla Red Cross Annual Meeting will be on Wednesday, July 11 following other meetings. 

It will commence at 2.45pm at the Morongla Hall, Morongla.