Walk this way kids

With quiet streets and the beauty of the Australian bush, Wyangala Dam Public School students love walking to school.

The students are encouraging their peers across the country to put their best foot forward this Friday, May 18 for the 19th annual National Walk Safely to School Day.

Wyangala Dam acting principal, Sue Clark, and Teacher Ruth Carter said National Walk Safely to School Day was a great initiative to improve student health and education.

“We’ve done some staff development days, trying to implement our own road safety program to make sure everybody knows about the rules and how to get to and from school safely,” Principal Clark said.

“We have students come by car, walk and ride, so they know most of the rules, but it also encourages healthy living.”

“Walking to school also helps the students with their academic achievements,” Ms Carter said.

“It keeps them a bit healthier, fitter and happier in this day and age.”

Sentiments supported by Harold Scruby, Chairman and CEO of the Pedestrian Council of Australia.

“Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for so many chronic diseases that can affect our kids at different stages of their life,” he said.

“We really need teachers, parents, carers and the community at large to get behind this event and its objectives, children require at least 60 minutes per day of physical activity. We should encourage them to include walking at the beginning, during and end of each day”.

“It also encourages parents and carers to walk more, reducing dangerous traffic congestion around schools”.

Wyangala Dam students Gemma and Felicity Smith said they loved when they walked to school.

“We normally work to school with mum, talk with her about our day, see lots of kangaroos and greet locals on the way, everyone should do it,” they said.

Wyangala's newest student Chelsea Marceddo agreed saying when she was at Camden South Public School she loved walking home from the bus stop.

“I’m disappointed I don’t get to walk any more, if you live close to school and you have the choice to walk or go in a car, choose to walk. It’s healthier and makes you feel happy,” she said.