Get the right fit for your bra

For good measure:  Ensuring you have the right foundation garments helps achieve that sleek look.
For good measure: Ensuring you have the right foundation garments helps achieve that sleek look.


There is nothing more irritating than an ill-fitting bra. Yet according to Sports Medical Australia, a staggering 85 per cent of Australian women are wearing the wrong fit. 

Getting the right support is not just about comfort but it can improve your shape, reduce breast pain and boost your confidence. 

One common mistake women often make is sticking to the same size. 

Women's bodies change sizes an average of five times over their life. So the bra size you wore twenty years ago is unlikely to still fit properly. It is recommended to remeasure at least once a year or after weight loss or gain, menopause and pregnancy.

Bra straps that slip are not only unsightly but also a symptom of an ill-fitting bra. 

Other tell-tale signs include dents on your shoulders or bulges at your back or spill-overs at the front and sides. If you are wearing the strap on its last hook, this can also be a sign that your bra is too tight.  

A bra that is too large can be just as uncomfortable. If the cups are baggy or wrinkled it could be time to move down a cup-size to get the support you need.

Using a professional fitting service eliminates the guesswork. Visit your local lingerie shop and speak to a bra-fitting expert. They can tell if the cup, the band and the underwire all fit.  

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They can also help you achieve the look you want. Minimise or maximise, with the right foundation you can create a flawless silhouette or enhance your natural curves.

For that special occasion be sure to take your new ensemble to a fitting. An expert can advise you on the best undergarments to compliment your outfit.  

Getting married? What you are wearing underneath can help you look slimmer, improve your posture and give you confidence for your special day.

If you are buying for everyday use be sure to take along a plain t-shirt to pop over what you are trying on. You can see how it looks under clothes as well as highlight any unwanted bulges.

There is no need to be shy, those who do the measuring are trained to be discrete and make you feel relaxed and at ease. Whatever, your shape or size the chances are they have seen it all before.

So whatever your preference whether backless or balcony, padded, plunging or push-up make sure it fits.