Cowra Business Chamber goes on tour with visit to Moxey Farms

Moxey Farms. Photo - Facebook.
Moxey Farms. Photo - Facebook.

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of some of Cowra’s most well-known and successful businesses? 

The Cowra Business Chamber are about to kick off the first of the Chamber on Tour series of trips to businesses outside of the Cowra CBD, starting with Moxey Farms. 

Cowra Business Chamber President Jordan Core said while the Chamber visits a lot of businesses in town, a lot of businesses out of town miss out. 

“We’re visiting a lot of businesses in town and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the businesses we don’t always think of,” he said. 

“And there’s a lot of large businesses outside of the Cowra CBD that nobody really thinks about and that’s what we are trying to aim to do with Chamber on Tour.

“Everybody’s got a bit of a keen interested in Moxey’s and what they do out there and that's what came to mind straight away.”

On Saturday, April 14, the tour will kick off at the Imperial Hotel. 

“From there our partners, Digital Distribution Australia, who are setting up a network in town at the moment to compete against the NBN, will be having a quick chat and we will also be playing a video on the Moxey Farms, just on how they started, what they currently have out there, what are the operations,” Jordan said. 

“Then the buses arrive at 2:15pm, we will have a couple of Cowra Buses coaches arrive out the front of the Imperial, where we will pick up all of the (Cowra Business Chamber) members and non-members, non-members are most welcome.”

The buses will arrive at Moxey Farms around 3pm, where vistors will get shown around the farm, inside the milking parlours and learn about the team’s operations and administration. 

“Then at 4:30pm we will be departing Moxey’s to come back into town to the Imperial where we will be having a networking evening that’s sponsored by DDA,” Jordan said. 

Jordan said people can still purchase tickets for the event. 

“It is great to get in as early as possible if you can but I’m not worried too much about ticket levels at the moment as long as everyone gets the opportunity to go out and have a look at the farm and have a good time,” he said. 

Jordan said for future Chamber on Tour trips, the Cowra Business Chamber is looking at wineries and the possibility of visiting big business in other towns in the region. 

“There’s a few wineries and stuff like that that are doing quite a big bit of work out near Cargo,” he said.

“We will be possibly exploring the option of that or if anybody has got an interest, if they want to bring their business forward to the Chamber, they are more than welcome. 

“At this stage, we are trying to keep it as local or as short a trip as possible but we will take Expressions of Interest as well so if anybody is interested in showcasing their business, let us know.”

You can purchase tickets from