Cowra woman ordered to perform 200 hours community service

A 40-year-old former Cowra woman has been given two Community Service Orders with a cumulative total of 200 hours of community service at Cowra Local Court.

Amy Poulton was before the court charged with goods in her personal custody suspected of being stolen and dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage.

According to police facts, on September 8 Poulton’s victim filled out a cheque for $916.90 to a company they do business with, the business never received the cheque, and the victim believed it was stolen.

Around 11.30am on September 19, 2017 Poulton entered the Commonwealth Bank in Young and asked for the cheque to be paid out in cash informing the teller that she was related to the victim and had power of attorney over them.

The teller gave Poulton advice on how to correct the cheque for it to be paid out, however when she returned with the amended cheque the signature did not match the original signature.

The teller took Poulton’s ID made a copy and contacted the victim to clarify the issues with the cheque, the victim advised the bank the cheque had been stolen and not to cash it, Poulton left empty handed.

When police spoke to Poulton on November 19, 2017 she refused to be interviewed but did say she, “went to cash it for a friend, but they wouldn’t, so I sent the cheque back to her”.

Solicitor Strickland said at the time of the offending Poulton was withdrawing from her medication and was now taking steps to complete a mental health plan for herself.

Mr Strickland said a sentence without supervision will force Poulton to become her own jailer.