Bishop hope legislation won't impinge on social harmony

Catholic Bishop Michael McKenna.
Catholic Bishop Michael McKenna.

“Now that voters have expressed their opinions on changes to the marriage law, it is time for the Parliament to do its work,” Bishop McKenna said after Wednesday marriage vote announcement.

“I trust that the assurances given, by both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, that any legislation would not impinge on religious liberty, will be respected,” he said.

“I would encourage everyone to work together in a spirit of cooperation for social harmony and the common good.”

Federal member Michael McCormack said the vote showed democracy at work.

“We went to the election committed to give all people their say on whether or not they wanted the marriage act changed and we have held to that promise and the people of Australia have responded,” he said.

“I am pleased nearly 80 percent of people voted and now they have it is now up to the (Federal) Parliament to uphold the will of the people and change the act accordingly.”