CWA help for medical students

Once again, the Cowra Branch of the Country Women's Association is seeking applications for their annual medical education grant.

The annual grant is offered to students studying any allied medical course.

Students applying must be entering their second year or above.

The grant was established quite out of proceeds from the sale of the Branch's of original rooms in Macquarie Street.

Past recipients of the grant have been selected in the fields of midwifery, general nursing, clinical psychology, medicine, surgery, physiotherapy, pathology, paramedic and nutrition.

Successful students have come from Cowra, Young, Quandialla, Boorowa, Reid's Flat and farms in between.

Each January, the ladies of the branch meet to discuss the received applications with complete anonymity to the applicant.

Once scrutinised, the CWA members vote on the recipient on a number of requirements.

This year's grant, will be a guaranteed minimum of $2000. For application forms and further information, go to

All applications, must be received no later than the January 18, 2018.