NRL players who’ve headed west to prop up bush Groups

From Bubba Kennedy to Bronko Djura and James Grant to Joe Williams, the Western Rams region has had a wealth of former National Rugby League players head west to finish their footy careers.

And given it’s the off-season and clubs are feverishly trying to shore up their rosters for 2018, At The End Of The Day has delved into the archives to try and find a few of the best.

David Peachey, Dennis Moran, Mick Sullivan, Justin Yeo and George Rose are some of the notable names to play in either Group 10 or Group 11 in the last decade.

But does anyone remember Gavin Miller playing with Oberon? Or former Australian gun Barry Rushworth playing with Lithgow? 

Next year, Josh Starling is the first NRL player to land in Western for 2018, signing with Oberon.

But will the former Knights, Souths and Manly prop be joined by others?

Check out the massive list of players to play in these parts:


Bubba Kennedy (Balmain) - Walgett, Orana Googars, Bathurst Panthers, Blayney Bears, Cabonne United, Mudgee Dragons, Lithgow, Orange Hawks

Andrew Hunter (Manly) - Dubbo Macquarie

Ted Goodwin (St George) – Parkes

Damian Kennedy (Wests, Canberra) - Forbes

Ron Hilditch (Parramatta) - Mudgee

Phil Mann (Parramatta) – Mudgee

Mick Sullivan (Cronulla, Canterbury) – Orange CYMS

David Peachey (Cronulla, South Sydney) - Dubbo Macquarie, Westside, Peak Hill

Dale Fritz (Illawarra, Wests, Perth Reds)- Cowra 

Pat Gibson (Cronulla) - Manildra, Orange CYMS

Abby Roberts (Parramatta) - Cowra and Blayney

Jaime Kelso (Balmain, Souths) - Blayney, St Pat's, Hawks

Greg Clements (Penrith) – Cowra

Paul Upfield (Illawarra) - Penguins, Parkes and Blayney 

Marty Moore (Balmain, Penrith, Souths) - Penguins 

Keith Blackett (Parramatta) - Penguins/Panthers

Gary Longhurst (Penrith, St George) - Lightning Ridge, Mudgee

Ronny Gibbs (Easts, Manly, Gold Coast, Wests) - Narromine, Mudgee

Isaac Gordon (Cronulla) - Brewarrina, Dubbo CYMS

Joe Williams (Souths) - Cowra, Dubbo CYMS, Wellington

Wilfred Williams (Easts, Wests, St George) - Cowra 

Glenn Boatswain (North Sydney) - Bathurst St Pats

Paul Sironen (Balmain) - Blayney

Michael Erickson (Parramatta) - Lithgow Workies

Bronco Djura (South Sydney) - Bathurst Penguins

Bernard Wilson (Balmain, North Sydney) - Dubbo CYMS

David Chapman (Balmain) Hawks, St Pat's, Blayney 

James Carrick (Balmain) - Orange CYMS

Mark Booth (Penrith) - Oberon

Dave Elvy (Penrith)Bathurst Panthers

Andrew Hinson (Penrith Panthers) - Bathurst Panthers

Kerry Hemsley (Balmain) - Blayney Bears

Jamie Corcoran (Canterbury, Balmain, Souths) - Orange Hawks, Blayney

James Grant (Balmain) - Blayney

Gavin Miller (Sharks) - Oberon

Hudson Smith (Balmain) - Cobar

Luke Goodwin (Penrith, Canterbury, Western Reds) – Orange CYMS

Scott Mieni (Gold Coast) - Cobar 

Jason Darcy (Balmain) - Blayney, Manildra 

Michael Spinks (Canberra) - Cobar

Luke Branighan (St George, Cronulla) – Oberon

George Rose (Manly, Melbourne, St George) – Oberon

Dennis Moran (Parramatta) – Parkes

Bert Gordon (St George) - Penguins, Cowra

Michael Peachey (South Sydney) - Wellington, Gilgandra 

Wise Kativerata (Parramatta, St George, Souths) – Orange Hawks

Will Robinson (Balmain, Souths, Illawarra) - Coonabarabran 

Jamie Fitzgerald (Souths) -Mudgee

Ian Hindmarsh (Parramatta, Canberra) - Cowra

Kurt Hancock (Newcastle) – Bathurst St Pat’s 

Barry Rushworth (Australia) - Lithgow Workies

David Schrader (Canberra) - Forbes

Justin Yeo (Balmain) - Dubbo CYMS

Joel Caine (Wests Tigers) - Parkes

Scott Fulton (Manly) - Macquarie, Coonamble

Fred Briggs (Bulldogs) - Cowra

Glenn Mortimer (Cronulla)Blayney, Orange CYMS

John Connelly (Illawarra) - Blayney

Geoff Blinkhorn (North Sydney) - Blayney 

Stewart Mills (Cronulla) - Nyngan

Bronx Goodwin (Canberra) – Orange CYMS 

Matt Rieck (Cronulla, Penrith, Wests Tigers) – Orange CYMS 

Trent Runciman (Wests Tigers) – Wellington 

James Wynne (Newcastle)– Orange Hawks, Orange CYMS

Jason Ferris (Cronulla, North Queensland)– Oberon

Jack Afamasaga (Cronulla, Melbourne, Manly) – Mudgee

John Fearnley (Parramatta) – Bathurst Panthers

Karl Lovell (Cronulla) – Bathurst Panthers

Troy Campbell (Parramatta) – Orange CYMS

Glenn Bourne (Manly) – Cowra

Blaine Stanley (Cronulla) – Wellington