Awareness night to help de-mystify breast cancer diagnosis and treatment

It’s safe to say every single woman has been affected in one way or another by breast cancer, and with 1 in 8 being diagnosed in their lifetime, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness about the disease. 

Members of the Breast Cancer Action Group Lorraine Dixson, Sue Perkins, Nancy Wall, Jenny Friend and Trish Graham.

Members of the Breast Cancer Action Group Lorraine Dixson, Sue Perkins, Nancy Wall, Jenny Friend and Trish Graham.

The Cowra Breast Cancer Support Group will be holding a Breast Cancer Awareness Evening on October 18 at 7pm at the Cowra Services Club. 

Jenny Friend from the Cowra Breast Cancer Support Group said they had been planning the evening all year and it was a way to give back to the supportive local community. 

“We thought this year we really needed to get back into the community and raise the awareness of breast cancer,” she said. 

“It was earlier in the year that we all sort of got together and decided why don’t we have an awareness night?” 

The evening will feature guest speakers including Dr Louise Baker, surgeon Dr Neil Meulman and Kay Smith from BreastScreen NSW, along with local health professionals.  

Colleen’s Lingerie and Swimwear and The Perfect Health Centre will be there to give information about after treatment options for those affected by breast cancer.

The always entertaining Mr Tommy Jeffs will MC the evening. 

Jenny encourages women of all ages, particular younger women, to come along and says the evening should answer any questions about breast cancer.  

“We just want to demystify the whole thing,” she said. 

“They are younger and younger when they are getting diagnosed with breast cancer and I think even breast cancer are screening people at an earlier age. 

“We thought wouldn’t be great if we could get health professionals to talk about all the different aspects of early detection of breast cancer to the surgery to what happens with treatment to alternative therapies to get you through that recovery period.”

Jenny said that every woman in the group has been through breast cancer and they want to help other ladies get the information they need. 

“All of us are women who have been through breast cancer so we’ve been through the diagnosis, the surgery, the treatment and come out the other side.”