Aftermath of critical incident on George Street: PHOTOS, VIDEO

Investigators are attempting to piece together exactly what happened on Wednesday morning when a stolen truck left a trail of destruction on George Street at Singleton. 

NSW Ambulance have confirmed seven ambulances responded on the ground along with the NSW Ambulance and Westpac rescue helicopter and the NSW Ambulance and Toll rescue helicopter.

NSW Ambulance Inspector Luke Wiseman said a total of 8 patients were assessed at the scene and 4 were transported. 

“The first ambulance arrived at 8.55 to a chaotic scene involving a number of quite distressed people,” Mr Wiseman said.

“We treated four patients at the scene, including one 64 year old male in a critical condition with head and chest injuries and a 62 year old female with pelvic and hip injuries.

“The critical male patient was airlifted to John Hunter Hospital and the female patient with hip injuries was transported by road to John Hunter Hospital.

A 64 year old male patient with neck, chest and back pain was also taken by road to John Hunter Hospital by road.

Two other patients are reported to be in a stable condition.

Mr Wiseman said that while paramedics were highly skilled and trained to deal a range of incidents, scenes involving multiple people were always challenging.

“It seems that the people involved were just going about their usual morning business, having coffee along the main street when this accident happened out of nowhere.

“It’s always going to be tough dealing with a scene like this. The scale and the suddenness of the incident and the fact that it has happened in a smaller community means a lot of people are in shock, so it was a challenging scene.”

Mr Wiseman said as it was a critical incident, the circumstances leading up to the incident were a matter for investigation by NSW Police.

Police have also held a press conference revealing further details, see video.