Ultra marathon runner raising vital funds stops by Cowra

Billy Tindall (second from left) takes a quick break from his ultra marathon with staff from Cowra Woolworths.
Billy Tindall (second from left) takes a quick break from his ultra marathon with staff from Cowra Woolworths.

Running from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast would be an idea that most people would dread, however that’s not the case for Billy Tindall.

The pharmacist and five-time Golden Gloves Australian boxing champion is running the approximately 2000km distance to raise money for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

Mr Tindall said the run had been going well despite a few setbacks.

“We’ve had a few adventures on the way,” he said.

“We had a truck wipe out our first support vehicle, luckily we all walked away from that. But we have a good team and we all regrouped, got another support vehicle and kept going.

“I’ve also managed to sprain my ankle with a tear in the ligament, the doctors in Junee said I should have four to six weeks off but that’s not possible so we’ve just been moving forward.

“We’re still doing over a marathon a day and just continuing for the foundation,” he said.

Mr Tindall said the were a number of reasons he decided to run for the foundation.

“I’ve always wanted to do something for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation because they are very close to where I live,” he said.

“Growing up I followed the story and wanted to do my part and contribute, so when I had my son it became much more personal.

“What inspired me to actually run was one of my support members, Gary Parsons, he holds the world record for the longest run. He ran around Australia in 1999, and is a local from where I’m from to, so that inspired me to do this,” he said.

Mr Tindall said the seeing the education children and parents had received from the foundation and the Morcombe family’s story was the most rewarding part of his run.

“I’ve had a lot of children come up and say how they have seen Denise and Bruce Morcombe in their schools,” he said.

“Seeing that makes it really worth it, seeing kids who are better educated, and parents who are more aware.”

Mr Tindall will continue to head north working his way to the Sunshine Coast, if you would like to donate you can visit www.danielmorcombe.com.au/fundraiser/event/ultra-marathon-for-daniel