Gala day event has big numbers | Photos

Gala time again and on the September 19 the Cowra club held its Springtime Friendship Day. 

As usual a lot of preparation has gone into the day with invitations to various clubs in the area, morning tea ready to welcome our visitors and draws for games worked out as they arrive. 

We woke to a rather cool day with an even cooler wind, but that did not stop players from Orange, Young, West St Nowra and of course Cowra.

The game of the day was golf croquet and all players are keen to go. 

The game takes about 45 minutes at most but can finish more quickly. 

Players are going on to the court and coming off all day, and all played at least four games each. 

The scoring is keen as each team tries to get their ball through the hoop before anyone else. 

No one has to sit out and wait, as they might like to try their luck with some skills games. 

These are probably more difficult than they need be because the lawn where they are set out is not quite the class as the courts themselves and sometimes can be quite rough.

Lunch is always on the run as those coming off take time to enjoy their sandwich before being called on again.

Cowra ladies, although busy with the organisation of the day, still manage to get slotted into the play here and there which they enjoy very much as a game with someone from another club always produces something new to learn. We always hear lovely comments when we announce afternoon tea. 

Sometimes we get the impression that some players have that in mind the whole day. Anyway, all players seem to enjoy the end of day chatter about the day. 

Catching up with friends from others club happens too.

The winners for the day were:

Golf croquet- Nancy Tomlinson (Young), runners up Faye Slater and Doug Leabeater, both from Young,  sharing second. Shot of Day- Kevin White (Young). Ladders- Ana Kusetic (Cowra). Eggs in the Basket- Pat Nowlan (Young). Bagatelle- Betty Douglas (Young). Quoits- Wilma Battye (Cowra). Dollies- Robyn Suttor (Orange).