Intensive corrections order for “intelligent woman”

A 39-year-old Cowra woman has been given a 12 month intensive corrections order and disqualified from driving for two years at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, September 20.

Janelle Susan Fitzgerald was before the court charged with driving a motor vehicle during a disqualification period.

According to police facts around 9.18am on June 4, 2017 police were patrolling Kendal Street when they saw Fitzgerald driving a white Ford Falcon.

When police attempted to stop her, Fitzgerald ignored them and mouthed the words, “I’m going to take the car home”.

Fitzgerald then drove to her residence where she was arrested. Police checks revealed Fitzgerald was disqualified from driving from May 17, 2017 to May 17, 2019.

At the time Fitzgerald was already serving a bond for driving while disqualified.

In sentencing Fitzgerald, Magistrate Michael O’Brien said that the pre-sentencing report described her as “an intelligent woman that understood that if her driving privileges were revoked, they were revoked”.

“The courts are cognisant of the the fact that life will be difficult without a licence, that is part of the punishment.

“You chose to give yourself a licence and every time you make that choice you put off the date you can legitimately get a licence.

“This offence can carry a term of imprisonment, I am appreciative that a full time sentence would be difficult for your family, it would deprive your children of a mother.

“You are very fortunate that you are suitable for an intensive corrections order and it is appropriate for you to serve your sentence in the community.

“Let’s hope this is the last time you offend because the court might have to drive home the point by taking away your liberty.

“You were already on conditional liberty where you promised the court you would not break the law. While on your intensive corrections order you may find you need your licence desperately to go somewhere, don’t do it.”