Cowra sporting news


Well, with the winter hockey season at an end, all that is left to talk about at this stage is the presentations and celebrate a great year of hockey put together by a great hockey community.

The Minkeys and Juniors all received a medallion for their efforts all year, some hugh growth and amazing skills. These were presented down at the fields after their games, with a sausage sizzle and some other goodies.

Intermediates and Seniors held a fabulous night at the The Valley Bistro, with great food and, thanks to Bianca Riggio, some music to socialize by. It was a fantastic atmosphere to have a drink and laugh over the events of the season and just enjoy the catch up.

So everyone can relive their achievements, and the achievement of others, as well as catch up on the night’s awards, I have listed all the award recipients.

Player’s Players were voted on by all team members, so represents who the team feels was their best player. Most improved and Coaches Awards were nominated by each coach. Any Best and Fairest Awards are based on Best and Fairest points awarded by umpires each week.

Other awards recipients for awards such as Umpire’s Award, Representative Player of the Year, James Mulholland Trophy and President’s Cup are  discussed amongst committee members. The Jack Sherwin and Marion Starr Club Person of the Year awards were voted on by the entire hockey community.


SAINTS (Coach Lloyd Garratt)

  • Players Player Ky Garratt
  • Most Improved William  Pearce
  • Coaches Award Darby Hubber

WAUGOOLA MOTORS (Coach Will Ousby)

  • Players Player Meg Jones
  • Most Improved Harriet O’Dea
  • Coaches Award Brayden Dowd

COWRA TOYOTA (Coach Sally Scammell)

  • Players Player Lucy Scammell
  • Most Improved Zoe McKay        
  • Coaches Award Jacinta Blackburne

MR EMBROIDERY (Coach Bianca Riggio)

  • Players Player Natasha Hagar
  • Most Improved Zali Pearce
  • Coaches Award Kalie Buckley


  • Players Player Josie Muddle
  • Most Improved Iya Clarke
  • Coaches Award Chloe Muddle
  • COWRA HIRE Coach Sarah Hazel
  • Players Player Clare Harris
  • Most Improved Charlie McGuiness
  • Coaches Award Victoria Bragg

James Mulholland trophy:  Awarded to an outstanding 11 year old who has shown commitment and dedication in both Junior and Intermediate grades and that award was proudly received by Brayden Dowd.

INTERMEDIATES AWARDS. Congratulations to Canowindra for their Grand Final win, and well done to Cowra Glass for becoming Runners’ Up in a stiff competition.

  • Intermediate Best and Fairest Sarah Richardson from Cowra Auto (21 points)
  • Best Player of the Grand Final – Eliza Mulligan

Team Awards

COWRA AUTO (Coach Cherie MacCabe)

  • Players Player Sarah Richardson
  • Most Improved Amelia Gundersen
  • Coaches Award Meg Jones

CANOWINDRA (Coach Carolyn Austin)

  • Players Player Mac Webster
  • Most Improved Sienna Adams         
  • Coaches Award Claire Wright

COWRA GLASS (Coaches Di Clark & Xavier Gauci)

  • Players Player Eliza Mulligan
  • Most Improved Jacinta Blackburne           
  • Coaches Award Aidan Green

BRYANT’S PACKAGING (Coach Jade Te Weehi & Justin Smith)

  • Players Player Nikolai Paki
  • Most Improved Clare Harris
  • Coaches Award Kara Hinderager


Fantastic Grand Final Game held between Canowindra and Services Club, with Golf Club scored with a Golden Goal in extra time. Hard fought win, Services Club – congratulations. And Canowindra certainly can hold their heads up high with a high quality of play, demanding Golf Club take the win as it was not going to be given.

Senior Best and Fairest: Jamie Austin, Canowindra (19 points).

Best and Fairest Player of the Grand Final was Tayla Garratt, Services Club, with some stunning work in the backs.

Team awards:


  • Bowling Club Jaime Buckmaster
  • Golf Club Will Harris
  • Canowindra Glen Falconer
  • Bambourgh Colts Claytyn Feeney
  • Services Club Ben Cooley


This award goes to a player of any age who has shown dedication and leadership in a representative role.

This year, the award went to one of the most humble members of our club who has represented Bathurst at Masters State Carnivals for several years now.  This year, he was named as a shadow for the NSW masters team in an undisclosed age group- a great honour for both himself and Cowra Hockey. It is of course Glen (Spoon) Falconer from Canowindra.

UMPIRE OF THE YEAR:  Congratulations Xavier Gauci who was the deserving receipient of the Umpire of the Year Award, showing dedication and commitment to umpiring, umpiring either an Intermediate or Seniors Game each week and constandly looking to improve.

JACK SHERWIN JUNIOR CLUB PERSON OF THE YEAR is awarded to a school student who has display commitment and dedication to Cowra hockey.

The 2017 recipient has achieved a lot this year, assisting with the coaching of the Minkeys hockey each week, playing a leadership role in his Intermediate team, and playing a key role in senior team with a willingness to develop his skills and take direction from more experienced players.

Will Harris has put his hand up to umpire and coach when asked, and even taking full control of one of the Junior teams at the Wagga carnival!

Will also was successful in representing Bathurst District Was in the under 13 Boys team which played at the State Carnival, and was awarded the Coaches award for his efforts in that team.

PRESIDENT’S CUP this year was shared by two amazing people who have been around hockey almost every week all season and, although they have a big role to play in weekly hockey in coordinating the canteen needs, they have always stepped in when something has needed to be done.

Whether it be coaching or training teams, umpiring, or maybe even just filling in the gaps in staffing the canteen, Sarah and Dave Hazel are always there with their hands in the air volunteering before anyone else. Thanks for all you hard work guys, you are incredible!

MARION STARR CLUB PERSON OF THE YEAR this year went to Gai Gauci, who accepted with pride.

Many thanks to the hard ongoing work of the 2017 committee, all of who work together without ego or agenda to achieve as much as they can for our great game of hockey.

Thanks especially to Amara Flannery who has decided that her life has gotten too busy to continue in her role as Treasurer for now. Thanks Amara, you are always happy to crack open the (virtual) cheque book at any hour to pay for something we need, regardless of the crazy hour of the requrest.

President Di Clark

  • Vice President Lisa Robertson
  • Secretary Beck Richardson
  • Treasurer Amara Flannery
  • Publicity Officer Gai Gauci                       
  • Minkey Co-ordinator Xavier Gauci and Will Harris
  • Umpires Co-ordinator Claytyn Feeney
  • Junior Co-ordinator Justin Smith
  • Intermediate Co-ordinator Cherie MacCabe
  • Canteen Co-ordinator Sarah Hazel

Congratulations to all award recipients. You have all managed to gain the respect of your peers and of the hockey community in general. See you all next year, if not beforehand in a summer season – watch this space!


Cowra Tennis Club's night tennis competition is getting started on Wednesday night the 11th October at 7pm. The competition will run for 10 weeks with the finals being held on Wednesday the 13th December. Teams of 2 ladies and 2 men are invited to play and any individual entries are welcome as well and will be placed in suitable teams. Families are encouraged to enter as they can play together or the kids can be in their own team with other kids. We are always looking for fill in players so if you can't play every week there is still the opportunity to get a game.

There will be a couple of grading nights and social tennis nights before the comp starts to get the teams organized. These nights will start at 6:30pm continue every Wednesday night till the comp starts. Any entries and queries can contact Cindy on 0414 702 502 or Lorraine on 6342 3457. You can join our facebook page 'Cowra Tennis Club' for info and updates.

Cowra Tennis Club also has other opportunities to play tennis with a Ladies group on Tuesday mornings at 9am and a Men's group also on a Tuesday morning at 9am and a Sunday group that starts at 10:30am. Courts can be hired on an hourly rate with keys available at the Visitors Centre across the road.


Results of consistency singles played on September 18.

L. burns forfeited to D. dye, S Bohanna defeated V Penhey, S. Hubber defeated E Brown, J Kiernicki defeated A Castelli, B Bundy defeated J Day, D Presnell defeated M Nicholls in a very close contested game.

Results on September 19 S. Bohanna defeated D. Dye, S Hubber defeated J Kiernicki, D Presnell forfeited to B Bundy and in a very close match see sawing all the way N Kurta defeated H Hoad.

The semi-finals of the consistency singles will be played on September 21. S Bohanna will play S Hubber and B Bundy will play N Kurta.

The results of the Taber Shield played in Mudgee were Mid-West won with a point score with 88 and 2nd was Central West with a point score of 76.  The ladies who played in the Taber Shield from our club played in the Central West division. Well done ladies.

S Bohanna is on the roster for the raffle donation for 26th September and H Withers is our Committee member for September. Our committee member for October is R Fogg.

Learn to play Bowls.  If you would like to learn how to play bowls, please contact our coach Margaret Tremble on 63421358, and Margaret will arrange a time suitable to you for lessons.  Lessons are free, all you will need is flat soled shoes, bowls will be supplied. All the best to those on the sick list.


Thirteen snooker players turned up on Friday night, all trying to be the champion for the night.

On the top end of the draw, Lawrence Harvey played well on the night beating John Clayton in the first round, then maintained a 60 point lead against Ge3off Core; and then played his third A Grader in Matty Ryan, winning well at 52-39, placing him in the final.

The other spot was filled by Jack Chapple.

Jack had a close win in the first round against Paul Ryan, then held off a late charge by Jim Williams in the next, playing young 13-year-old Riley Core in the semis, winning 64-53.

The final was taken by Lawrence Harvey, beating Jack 54-27.

Lawrence, wow, what can I say - he hasn’t played snooker for about six months and first time back, he won, well done!

On Sunday morning there were 12 players.

Jack Chapple did well on the day beating Trevor Pullen in the first round, then held off Peter Verzi in the next round, and got 56 start against Mat Ryan, winning 83-44.

Steve ‘Chocco’ Ingram played well, beating John Clayton, then Wayne Keys and was unchallenged against Rick Boswell 49-27.

So the final was between Jack Chapple and Steven Ingram in what was a close frame throughout, Chocco potting green, brown and blue, then on the return potted the pink ball to win 47-27.

Well done Jack Chapple, you made both finals this week; didn’t get a win, but got very close.

There’s only one week to go in qualification for the 20-week tournament.

Top 16 will play off for $1000.

The draw is now complete for A, B and C Grade and Billiards:

  • A grade: Shayne Dawes versus Geoff Core
  • B grade: Peter Verzi versus Ray Salisbury
  • C grade: Noel Mason versus Ray Thrumble
  • Billiards: Shayne Dawes versus Mark Rush

If you want to watch the finals, they will be played at the Services Club on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, September 26-27, starting at 6pm.

Who will have their name up on the honour roll for 2017? Friday night, September 22, snooker will be on as usual. Names in by 6.30pm. On Sunday morning, snooker will be played with names in by 10.30am. All new players are welcome. See you next week in Cowra’s snooker news!!


September 16: A cool windy afternoon that didn’t stop Pam Boler and Don Capps being challenged by Helen Bryant and Wilma Battye.  The windy conditions presented quite an issue for all players, and Helen in particular found it very trying, as it upset her plans.  Wilma’s roquets were spot on, but despite that,  Pam and Don had no trouble taking full advantage of the situation which resulted in a decisive win for them. 24-14

Colleen Houghton and Gwen Bush teamed up  to play Heather Edwards in the second game.  They had a very social game ending with Colleen and Gwen taking the win. In the third game Jan Trengove played a singles game against Netta Noack and Katrine Capps.  They too enjoyed their game and Jan finished with the win.

September 18: Marija Buturac and Barbara played a game of singles giving plenty of opportunity to practise different shots and distances. Barbara is picking up the game very well. Ana Kusetic played against Jenny and Alison Muggridge.  Another good practice game with plenty of laughs and advice, which Jenny is putting to good use. She too is making great headway.

September 20: Today was a special day as we had Neil Hardie,  a visiting coach from Sydney, to give us advice on rules and how they fitted into the some of the moves.  He demonstrated good and bad shots as gave us hints on how to avoid the bad ones.  He also showed us faults and errors which was very interesting as we quite often have situations that challenge our knowledge of rules.  After the rules and laws section, we also asked him to demonstrate different kinds of shots and moves and ways to help us get the result we were aiming for.  Everyone felt a little wiser than previously.  We finished the day with a lovely afternoon tea.