Fined for having a foul mouth

A 50-year-old Cowra woman has been fined $200 after failing to appear at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, September 6. 

Nareen Kerry Sing was charged with using offensive language in a public place and remaining on in-closed lands without permission.

According to police facts, around 10am on June 7, Sing entered the Services NSW building in Cowra and was directed by staff to take a ticket and a seat.

Sing took the ticket and tore it up and began verbally abusing the staff, Sing was then asked to leave and refused.

Staff believing Sing was on bail, and not allowed to enter the building, called police. When police arrived and questioned Sing she told police, she was protesting and that she was “allowed here now, I have a letter to prove it”.

When police told Sing she would be taken to the police station if she didn’t leave, Sing stormed off yelling “F***ing dogs”. Police then warned Sing about her swearing to which she replied “They (sic) are f***ing prostitutes in there”.

Police again warned Sing about her language with Sing informing them, “I don’t f***ing care”.

Police pursuit

William Victor Doolan, 35, has been disqualified from driving for three years and given a 12 month jail term with an eight month non-parole period at Cowra Local Court for a police pursuit he was involved in back in June.

Doolan was also given a two year disqualification and an eight month jail term for driving a motor vehicle while disqualified.

According to police facts around 3.59pm on June 20 police attempted to stop Doolan after automatic number plate recognition alerted police to his vehicle expired registration.

In attempting to stop Doolan police were forced to enter into pursuit, that was cancelled after 20 seconds when Doolan overtook a B-double using a bike lane.

Magistrate Allen told Doolan during sentencing that a police pursuit was a serious offence, with police doing their duty putting themselves in harms way and if he drove a vehicle upon his release he would again be facing a period of incarceration.