Court gives youth a chance

A 16-year-old boy who made a “promise” to not reoffend and to make a “real go” of his life will spend the next 10 months on a good behaviour bond under the supervision of juvenile justice.

The Cowra teenager had pleaded guilty to multiple breaches of apprehended violence orders and multiple charges of malicious damage before being sentenced by Magistrate Allen in the Cowra Children’s Court on Wednesday, September 6.

The young person’s solicitor Mr Nidal Abdi spoke about his client’s motivation to “rehabilitate himself entirely” and gain an education.

“He self-referred to drug and alcohol counselling. Drugs and alcohol weren’t specifically related to these offences at court,” Mr Abdi said.

“Most importantly he is working towards TAFE, he wants to do carpentry.”

The teenager was before the court on three charges of damage property, two charges of breach AVO and a charge relating to a breach of bond.

The first charge stems from an offence made about 2pm on March 3 when he damaged a glass window at a Cowra school.

He then breached an AVO and, according to police facts, intentionally damaged side mirrors of a vehicle about 1.45pm on April 19.

On April 25 about 7.30am he again breached an AVO and damaged a building’s gyp rock wall.

During the sentencing Magistrate Allen asked the 16-year-old to promise to not return to court.

“When you promise me something it’s a sign that you’re a man of your word. You’ve promised me you’ll try your best to stay out out of trouble,” Magistrate Allen said.

“If you don’t and you come back before a court, the court’s going to say this bloke can’t be trusted. He doesn’t tell the truth.

“It’s time now to man-up.

“You’re going to get yourself educated, you’re going to get yourself that apprenticeship and you’re going to become that carpenter/builder and you’re going to make a real go of your life.

“Promise?” asked Magistrate Allen. “Promise,” said the young person.