Cowra sporting news


Focus and determination went to a whole new level in the Semis on Saturday, all fighting hard to take any advantage over their opposition.

Juniors teams started the first of two weeks of round robins to determine who will play in the grand final match.  Well done to Saints who won both games but for the most part, games were well fought and even. Most won one game and had a good go at scoring.

Cowra Glass and Canowindra played in the major semis to see who can rest up next week. Canowindra were strong throughout the game, but made a marked difference in the first half when they put two goals in off the sticks of Jamie Austin and Ronan Gailey.

Jamie Austin’s stick work served him well as he weaved his way through Glass’ defenses and enabled the rest of the team to capitalize by working into supportive positioning. Ronan Gailey’s knack of being in the right place at the right time was assisted well by others such as Sienna Adams, who receives the ball long enough to place others in scoring positions.

Fantastic work from others in the Canowindra team such as Claire Wright and Sammie Austin, all Canowindra hard to fault on their team work.

Cowra Glass had a slow start with regards to marking, leaving too many skill players to their own devices and that cost them dearly. Great keeping by Mikelli Garratt and defense by Dempsey Farrell Grey provided the team with hope which came by a change in positioning for the second half and a new found determination. Strengthening the backs with a move of James Faulkner gave the defense the extra boost it needed and allowing a synergy to develop between Depp Ryan and Ky Garratt in the forwards.

No further damage was able to be inflicted by Canowindra but the damage was done 2-0 to Canowindra who won their spot in the Grand Finals while Glass will get another chance to prove themselves next week in the finals. Best Players were Jamie Austin, Claire Wright, Sam Austin, Eliza Mulligan, Dempsey Farrell Grey and Mikelli Garratt.

On Number One field, the minor semi’s was equally exciting game between Bryant’s Packaging and Cowra Auto. Cowra Auto took the advantage early thanks to Brayden Dowd and skillful play up the field, followed by another by Brian MacCabe.

The game was tense as the team with the momentum changed every few minutes. Nikolai Paki put in a sensational crossed ball into the net, keeping Bryant’s in the game and heads high right on the half time bell.

Bryants were well served with the big hitting and leadership of Ollie Groves who dominated the middle and ran forward frequently to break through the extraordinary defenses of Auto.  Will Harris’ skill development has peaked right on the finals season and he offered his team great tackles and ball running, ably picking up some whoppers from Ollie.

Ameila Gunderson saved lots of attacking plays by accurate trapping, well time tackles and making a big impact on Bryant’s distribution channels. Brian MacCabe ran like the fox terrier he is and tussled with Ollie all game.

In classic comeback fashion, Ollie Groves put two in the net and took Bryants to victory and providing Bryants a further opportunity in the Finals. Best Players were Amelia Gunderson, Darby Hubber, Brian MacCabe, Wil Harrs, Oliver Groves and Nikolai Paki.

Well done to Cowra Auto who played with great sportsmanship, skill and cunning but will be bowing out for the remainder of the season but can hold their heads high.

An exciting minor semi final between Golf Club and Bowling Club was a great start to the senior games.

Golf Club found their rhythm early, producing quality plays around both sides of the field and controlled well through the centre. Communication was strong, the younger members stepped up and showed they understand the game as well as they play it.

Justin and Craig lead well, Janae was all too often well positioned in the circle to deflect anything in range, and others such as Charlie Johns and Dempsey Farrell Gray had strong all-round games. Will Harris had some beautiful tackles and ball distributions beyond his years and stepping up to some pretty talented players.

The Bowlo’s were not letting the game go, despite on average the ball being more in their defensive end than attacking. Their defense in Cherie MacCabe and others in the goal area was solid- hard nuts to crack. Bianca Riggio kept well for her team and Sam MacCabe was a clone of her mum. Golf Club made defense hard as they entered the circle in a structured group and Bowlo’s aquitted themselves well.

Goals from Justin Smith, Dempsey Farrell-Gray, Craig Smith and Charlie Johns must have left their spirits curbed but they did not show it as they persevered through the mid field and into scoring opportunities of their own.

Jamie Buckmaster was hard to keep contained in the centre as she took possession and cleared a distance to players such as Jack Baker and Brian MacCabe who could do their magic at the attacking end.

Katie Brown was left alone for enough time to cause some damage on scoreboard but unfortunately one goal was not going to be enough on Saturday and Golf Club took the match 4-1, too strong on the day. Best Players were Jack Baker, Jamie Buckmaster, Brian MacCabe, Justin Smith, Charlie Johns and Janae Hinderager.

We say goodbye to The Bowling Club as their season has now ended. They have been a strong contender in a very close field. Canowindra now has a rest while Golf Club and Services Club duke it out in the Finals.

The excitement couldn’t get any better in the major semi final between Canowindra and Services Club. Services Club made early progress on the board despite both sides having fairly equal opportunities. Ben Cooley took first blood, followed by a classy goal by Mikelli Garratt.

Canowindra continued to win the ball and then win it again but didn’t seem to make good the promise of evening out the score. Jamie Austin continually ran the ball with pace and skill through large chunks of real estate only to be tackled in the backs by the likes of Tayla Garratt who had the power to remove any ball from the area.

The experienced Glen Falconer in the centre position worked hard to continually regain possession and take any advantage that came his way, distributing through his mid field taking it back to forwards via any and all mechanisms provided to him.

The final twenty minutes of the scheduled time showed that persistence pays off, Canowindra clawing back lost ground. Jackie Kinsella in the wings started the recovery and Jamie finally placed one it after nearly an hour of trying.

The game being tied brought the teams into extra time and two less on the field. The game continued with a great deal of guts from both sides through two halves of extra time with no results, forcing a second lot of extra time resulting in only seven remaining for each side.

If either side were getting tired, application and focus did not show it. Bowlo’s lack of subs throughout the game must have started to play its part as it faced a heavy sub bench on the Canowindra side.

Eventually, in the first half of the second lot of extra time, Jamie Austin stretched out and went for a run down the Bowlo’s end and broke through for the final (golden) goal and ending what was a great display of hockey. Well done both teams! Best players were Ben Cooley, James Forsyth, Tracy Lamb, Jamie Austin, Glen Falconer, and James Garling.

Presentation Night: As is our tradition, the Cowra Hockey presentation night for Intermediates and Seniors will be held on Grand Final night, 9th September. This year it will be held at the refurbished Valley Hotel in the Bistro area. Cost will be $15 per head for adults and over 12 years, $10 for under 12’s. It’s a great night and a time to celebrate all the good things that have happened over the season.

Junior’s and Minkey’s traditionally have their presentation at the field on the Grand Final day (9th September) so that those parents that do not wish to attend the function are not compelled to do so, but all players of all grades and their families are all very welcome to also go to the presentation in the evening, so we would love to see you all there - you are all a part of our hockey community.

Please keep in mind that tickets will be sold at the canteen over the next couple of weeks. Tickets will not be sold on the night as the night needs to be catered. So, get in fast to make sure you have a spot. Please don’t miss out because you didn’t get your ticket – we want to see you there!

Perpetual Trophies: For all those amazing people that earned perpetual trophies last year, now is the time to return them so the next person’s name can be engraved on them – you never know, it might be you again! Please return to the canteen as soon as possible because there is not much time to get it all done.

Teams Nominations: Any team that has not submitted their nominations for their Player’s Player and other club awards, you need to do that this Saturday or miss out as trophies need to go to the engraver.

For the Junior and Intermediate teams, please remember that Player’s Player award is nominated by all the team players. The Coaches award is nominated by the coach.

Clarification of Ruling- Playing the Ball in the 23 metre.

There was a situation that caused a (fairly lengthy) discussion last Saturday about the rules around playing a penalty ball within 5 metres of the goal circle. The following is an excerpt from the FIH rule 13.2 (f):

“At an attacking free hit awarded within 5 metres of the circle, the ball cannot enter the circle until it has travelled at least 5 metres or it has been touched by a defending player. On this basis, defenders who are inside the circle within five metres of the free hit are therefore not interfering with play and may also shadow around the inside of the circle a player who takes a self-pass, provided that they do not play or attempt to play the ball or influence play until it has either travelled at least five metres or alternatively has been touched by a defending player who can legitimately play the ball. “

Hope this clarifies the situation ready for the Finals!

Draw: Finals Round, Saturday, September 2

11:30am Minkey Juniors (12 minute games)

Round 3

  • JF1    Mr Embroidery versus Cowra Hire
  • JF2    Cowra Toyota versus Saints
  • JF3    LES versus Waugoola Motors

Round 4

  • JF1    LES versus Saints
  • JF2    Waugoola Motors versus Cowra Hire
  • JF3    Mr Embroidery versus Cowra Toyota

Round 5

  • JF1    Cowra Toyota versus LES
  • JF2    Saints versus Cowra Hire
  • JF3    Waugoola Motors versus Mr Embroidery

12:30pm Field 1 Intermediate Final- Bryant’s Packaging versus Cowra Glass. 1:45pm Field 1 Seniors Final – Golf Club versus Services Club.