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Minkeys were taking though there paces, using great control to dribble though the array of cones before having a game.

Yellow team led the way through the game, with Riley trying hard in goals for the Green team.

In the Juniors competition, Meg Jones had a great game for Waugoola Motors against Cowra Hire, putting in three goals, while Harriet ODea, not far behind, scored two more.

Well done to Victoria Bragg, Abbie Partridge and Clare Harris who all had exceptional games for Cowra Hire. Solid defence shown at time by Cowra Hire who were unlucky not to score.

Final score 5-0 to Waugoola Motors, also with great games from Elsey Watson, Poppy McGuiness and Imogen Ousby who were all named as best players for their team.

Mr Embroidery were seriously outgunned against Saints, falling very short with numbers. 

Well done to Kaili Buckley, Jaz Dunlop and Zali Pearce who all tried very hard to hold the team down, and Kaili managed to put a goal in.

Unfortunately Saints were too strong in numbers, and far too organised a team to be allowed too much latitude. 

Ky Garratt was unstoppable in the forwards, as was Inka Wilson, both scoring three a piece, with others such as Darby Hubber, Phoebe Smith and Will Pearce chiming in for their turn as glory.  Final score 9-1.

Lachlan Engineering Services had a great game against Cowra Toyota. Both sides played well, but unfortunately Cowra Toyota didn’t managed to get past LES’s defences. Goals from Eliza Mulligan (2), Josie Muddle (2), Niamh Webster and Lya Clarke had LES finish off the game winning 7-0.

It seemed to be the day for high scores. Cowra Glass struggled to finish off in the circle against the sensational keeping of Inka Wilson, but some beautiful shots at goal by Dempsey Farrell-Gray, Depp Ryan and Ky Garratt would have challenged the most seasoned of keepers.

Up the other end, Oliver Groves, being flexible in his positioning alternated from defensive to attacking roles and found the ball in the back of the net. Josie Muddle had another great game for her team and followed Ollie’s lead.

Will Harris continues to show his increasing skill with a stick and helped his team through the right(?) side, but both teams played a high standard of play. Best Players according to the umpires were Mikelli Garratt, Dempsey Farrell-Grey, James Forsyth, Inka Wilson, Will Harris and Josie Muddle.

Canowindra took the points against Cowra Auto with a narrow 2-1 win. Possession was shared fairly evenly and great team work on display. Ball movement throughout the centre was skilful and overall a great game to watch.

Well done to Mac Webster, Sammy Austin and Sarah Richardson who all scored for their respective teams, but it was in no small part due to their teams working the ball up the field.

Best Players were Sammy Austin, Will Wright, Mac Webster, Sarah Richardson, Matt Terry and Hannah McKay.

Congratulations to Sarah Richardson and Inka Wilson for their exceptional play on the weekend, both winning the Player of the Match for their respective games. Good work girls!

Congratulations to Matt Terry and Dempsey Farrell-Grey who both had total blinders in their game when Golf Club played Services Club in the Seniors.

Both seemed to have absolute control over the ball, managing to regularly run through a number of opposition.

The Bowlo’s and Services Clubs played to a 3-3 tie in the late game. The score showed the closeness of the game. Best Players were Jamie Austin, Mel Adams, Amara Flannery, Jack Baker, Cherie MacCabe and Jaime Buckmaster.

Packham Cup This Weekend

Well the excitement is building as Sunday draws near and the idea of sending four teams to the Packham Cup carnival is coming close to being realised.

Two Super 8s junior teams as well as a women’s and men’s team will spend all Sunday playing around five half hour games each.

They will be tested against other towns, learn more about hockey and teamwork and, most importantly, have loads of fun.

Good luck to all those who will make the trip to Wagga to be part of this event, especially those that will be having the carnival experience for the first time. I’m sure you make Cowra proud.

Draw – Round 14, Saturday, August 12

11am Junior training

11:30am Minkey

JF1 Cowra Toyota versus Waugoola Motors, (Canowindra ref).

JF2  LES versus Saints, (Canowindra ref).

JF3 Mr Embroidery versus Cowra Hire, (Canowindra ref).

12:30pm  Field 1 Cowra Auto versus Cowra Glass, (Services Club ref).

Field 2 Bryants versus Canowindra, (Colts ref).

1:45pm Field 1 Bowling Club versus Colts, (Canowindra ref).

3:10pm  Field 2 Canowindra versus Services Club, (Bowling Club).

Canteen and Umpiring Duties

This Week 10:30am–1:30pm Colts, 1:30pm- 3:45pm    Canowindra.

Next Week 10.30pm-1.30pm Golf Club, 1.30pm – 3.45pm    Cowra Auto.

Junior Umpiring Next Week  Cowra Auto.


Round 10 August 12: 8/9s 10.30am Cowra Carpet Court versus Muddle transports, Top 2. 8/9s 10.30am J & R Williams Livestock Transport versus Services Club Sunflowers, Top 5.

Round 11 August 12: A grade 1.30pm Royces’ Jets versus First National, Top 4. A grade 1.30pm Eye Spy versus Balance, Top 1. B grade 1.30pm Imperial Hotel Red versus Newell Motors Top 6. B grade 1.30pm Ambiance Hair versus Craftsman Holmes, Top 3. A grade 2.45pm Imperial Hotel Black versus Cowra Carpet Cleaning, Bottom 1. A grade 2.45pm CPW Spot On versus Central Milling, Bottom 2. B grade 2.45pm Thompson’s Livestock Transport versus Central West Uniforms, Bottom 3.

Round 12 August 12: 10/11s 10.30am Elgas versus Cowra Creative Tiles, Top 4. 10/11s 10.30am Cowra Bus Company versus Cowra Glass, Top 1. 12/14s 11.45am Rev’ed Up Fitness versus Thompson’s Livestock, Bottom 3. 12/14s 11.45am Cowra Services Club versus Elders, Bottom 1.

Ladies’ bowls

Our number three pennant team is off to Ettalong on Monday to play at state level.

Cowra: Eileen Brown, Joan Bailey, Dawn Dye, Di Clarke, Jane Kiernicki, Judith Day, Sharon Bohanna, Sharen Hubber, Margaret Tremble is manager.

Three rounds in their section against Wangi Wangi, Lemon Tree Passage and Gerringong.

Finals are held next Thursday. Goodluck and good bowling girls congratulations on reaching to play state level.

Big report next week on our president’s day and 60th Birthday which was held yesterday.

Annual general meeting on August 24 and change of committee meeting to August 31.

Vets day is being held at Canowindra on September 15. Name on the board.

Result of Queen and Princess of the Green.

Leila Burns got off to a flying start leading Sharen by nine shots however S Hubber got her form and defeated Leila 25-19.

In the Princess, Jan Saurine took the title from Vera Penhey. Jan playing some great bowls.

Next games will advise players.


Saturday, August 5

Quite a chilly afternoon, but not enough to deter Wilma Battye and Helen Bryant who teamed up to play Don Capps and Netta Noack.

Throughout the game, Don was encouraging Netta to try some extra shots, and she produced some fantastic roquets. 

Between the two of them, they leapt ahead to peg out well before Wilma and Helen.

Marija Buturac and Ana Kusetic began their partnership well and lead for the whole game, pegging out with a score of 26. 

Katrine Capps and Gwen Bush, enjoyed their game, but struggled to keep the others in sight.

Pam Boler and Heather Edwards had a game of singles, which didn’t go really well according to reports, but kept them laughing most of the way. 

Pam managed to score 12 hoops to Heather’s 22. 

They said that Pam’s wheels fell off after the first hoop, and Heather played well for the whole game.

Monday, August 6

An extremely cold afternoon with a bit of drizzle, but nevertheless, six very brave ladies arrived to play ricochet with the new member Jenny. 

By 3.30pm after a short shower, they called it a day and adjourned to the clubhouse for a hot cuppa.

Wednesday, August 8

Beautiful afternoon with 12 players out to enjoy the sunshine and the company.  Chris Palazzi and Gwen Bush drew Helen Bryant and Alison Muggridge. 

Gwen is learning the game and improving each time she comes. We all enjoyed hitting each others balls around the court. 

Helen and Alison displayed some excellent tactical manoeuvres and went ahead to peg out, 26. Chris and Gwen worked hard on their moves but only managed 13 hoops. 

Zelma Beecher and Ana Kusetic played against Heather Edwards and Pam Boler. A very competitive game where Pam and Heather finished up ahead with 21 hoops to 15 for Zelma and Ana. 

Scores don’t always indicate the efforts made by either side to peg out.

Marija Buturac and Jan Trengove teamed up to play Wilma Battye and Colleen Houghton. Marija was  ‘on the ball’ and played so well that nothing went wrong for her team and they went on to win easily.