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Oliver Groves hot on the heals of Brian MacCabe when Bryants took on Cowra Auto
Oliver Groves hot on the heals of Brian MacCabe when Bryants took on Cowra Auto


What a great day down at hockey last weekend, with a beautiful winter’s day. Lots of junior players at the fields, taking advantage of the early Saturday training session with Justin, expanding their skills.

A good lot of Minkey’s back at the field on Saturday as well. 

Xavier made good use of some recent coaching training he received at a workshop during the week, ably supported by co-coach, Will Harris.

The Minkeys doing some very interested drills and a change of warm up to make it more game relevant.

Juniors played hard and a lot of passing being noticed in all games, along with better positioning on the field.

The games are getting better by the week and may have something to do with the participation rate at training.

Mr Embroidery was unfortunately out gunned when they met Cowra Toyota., loosing 4-2. 

Some great leadership though by the more seasoned players such as Natasha Hagar, and two great goals from Zali Pearce and Natasha.

For Cowra Toyota’s side, Caitlin Fraser has a fabulous game, including being one of their goal scorers, tackling well and running with the ball.

Other scoreres were Lucy Scammell, and Zander De Wet who was also showing their strength on the field.

Cowra Hire versed Saints, who are always a formidable opponent. Great sportsmanship was  a noteworthy quality seen by the umpires and both teams should be very proud of the way they played.

Nikolai Paki continues to play with strength and skill, able to tackle and control the ball. Nikolai was Cowra Hire’s only goal scorers last Saturday, scoring two for his team.

But that was no match for a strong Saints and a field dominated by Jy Garratt who scored all six of Saints goals. Congratulations also to Charlie McGuiness and Tristan Hartwig who also had a great game.

Lachlan Engineering Services (LES) were successful against Waugoola Motors, defeating them 5-1.

Chloe and Josie Muddle scored three between them and Eliza Mulligan, fresh from the PSSA carnival, was on-fire, scoring another two and leading the field. 

Harriet O’Dea scored the sole goal for Waugoola Motors, a practical example of the quality of game she was having.

Others such as Brayden Dowd were having a strong game, and also a Poppy McGuiness certainly didn’t let herself down.

In the Intermediate games. Canowindra dominated against Cowra Glass, with a whopping 10-0 win.

Jamie Austin started the scoring but Mac Webster followed up with another three and Amilia Hewitt topped it all off with a further six.

On the Glass side, Ky Garratt followed up his earlier efforts in the juniors ranks with a strong effort in the Intermediates.

Sister Mikelli joined in and ran the ball, and the experience Depp Ryan has been gaining in the Open’s game was yet again brought back to benefit Cowra Glass.

A strong, competitive game between Cowra Auto and Bryants finished in a 1-1 draw. 

A game characterized by skillful running of the ball by members from both teams, tackling and back tackling, the result was a fitting end to a hard fought game.

And also a congratulations to the sportsmanship on display, noteworthy was a very honest Brian MacCabe who made sure the umpire was aware he kicked the ball and causing a  penalty against his team.

This quality of player is something Cowra should be proud of – well done!

Great play also by players such as Kara Hinderager, Lucy Scammell, Clare Harris, Hanna McKay, Meg Jones, and Hannah McKay which deserve mention.

The senior games continue to be marked by injury.

Its been an unprecedented season for injuries sadly, and none had to do with dangerous play or badly maintained fields.

Leanne Raynolds ended up taking herself to hospital for a bit of glue over her eye socket after a ball deflected off a stick.

Colts, already tight on numbers, dropped down lower than the required seven on Leanne’s departure, causing a forfeit.

But all was not lost! Justin Smith who helped out immediately by jumping the half way line and joined the beleaguered Colts.

Other players on the sideline decided also to join in and a competitive and enjoyable friendly match.

Some lovely runs between both sides and a lot of encouragement flying across between the teams shows what sportsmanship was all about.

Final score was 4-3, but I think hockey won in the end.

The last game was between Services Club and Bowling Club but unfortunately the cards were unavailable for these.

Young – Cowra Cup and Crookwell

Recently we played the last of the three rounds of Young- Cowra Cup. 

The men played hard against a strong Young side, but couldn’t get through their defensive line.

The women’s team were very even for the majority of the game but unfortunately for Young, the flow of the game dramatically changed in the last 20 minutes when Cowra continued to knock goal after goal into the net and winning 5-1.

Overall, on my count men went down three games and the women were up two games to one. 

Thanks to all those that get involved in these inter=town games including the umpires and of course our friends from Young.

Also the last round saw Crookwell high school aged players come along and play a game against interested intermediate players.

It was a great competitive game and the feedback suggests that those involved got a lot out of the experience.

The difference in way each team plays was interesting with Crookwell playing a number of overhead balls, not usually seen by our younger players.

The end score was 1-1. A big thank you to Crookwell players and their parents who drove the two hours to Cowra and played with such good spirit and suck around for a feed and a chat. Lets hope we can have more of these opportunities.

Packham Cup

There is still a couple of spots in the women’s team and quite a few in the men’s team going to Packham Cup on 13 August.

Its exciting to know that we will have two junior teams being entered into the Primary aged Super 8’s competition and looking forward to a weekend full of fun and competition.

Anyone interested that hasn’t put their names down must do it by this weekend as registration is now due.  Please speak to Gai on  0417 446 560.

Congratulations to Lucy Scamell and Eliza Mulligan – PSSA Representatives.

Well done to both Lucy and Eliza who’s hard work in the off season in the Centre of Development (COD) has paid off as they represented Western Region in the PSSA state carnival.

What a wonderful opportunity for our players who got there on their own merits through hard effort.

Lily Smith was also selected but sadly was unable to take up the offer, having instead to sit at home nursing an injury.

Lily I’m sure will be making very effort to win back that sport in next year’s PSSA intake.

Draw Round 13, Saturday, August 5

11am Junior training –all welcome.

  • 11:30am Minkey’s JF1 Cowra Hire versus Waugoola Motors, (Bryants ref). JF2 Mr Embroidery versus Saints, (Bryants ref). JF3  LES versus Cowra Toyota, (Bryants ref).
  • 12:30pm Field 1 Cowra Auto versus Canowindra, (Bowlo’s ref). Field 2 Cowra Glass versus Bryants, (Golf Club).
  • 1:45pm Field 1 Golf Club versus Services Club, (Canowindra ref).
  • 3:10pm Field 1 Canowindra versus Bowling Club, (Services Club ref).

Canteen Duties: 10:30am–1:30pm Canowindra 1:30pm- 3:45pm Bryants.

Canteen and Umpiring Duties: This Week 10:30am–1:30pm Services Club. 1:30pm- 3:45pm Cowra Auto.

Next Week 10.30pm-1.30pm Colts. 1.30pm–3.45pm    Canowindra. Junior Umpiring Next Week  Canowindra

Junior Rugby Union

Canowindra and Cowra Under 13s Rugby

What a beautiful Saturday morning and a great crowd to watch the Canowindra and Cowra Pythons host the Dubbo Reds. 

The boys from both sides showed fantastic team spirit and played the game with fierce sportsmanship.

Canowindra and Cowra came away with a 55-15 victory.

Points for the week went to-

Three points, Jack Chamberlin.

Two points, Jock Stevenson.

One point, Dylan Slattery.

Next week to the team travel to Parkes to take on the mighty Boars.

Junior Rugby League

Saturday, July 29

Under 6 Bears – Best team player, Charlie Smith. 

Try scorer of the week, Caleb Haines. 

Best try scored, Hunter Keefe.  

Best support player, Eli Stopps.

Under 6 Kangaroos – Best team player, Jojo. 

Try scorer of the week, Taiden Sandry. 

Best try scored, Jack Graham. 

Best support player, DJ Munn. 

Best tackler/defender, Jax Quinn. 

Most consistent, Bentley Quinn. 

Best goal kicker, Jojo. 

Player of the week, Sam Ingram.

Under 8 Bears – Best team player, Jamez Brown. 

Try scorer of the week, Kody Mckay. 

Best try scored, Kody Mckay. 

Best support player, Leo Frazer. 

Best goal kicker, Jake Melhuish. 

Player of the week, Kody Mckay.

Under 8 Wallabies - Player of the week, Harry Kilby.

Under 8 Kangaroos – Beautiful sunny morning for footy.  Nice to see the improvement week to week.  We attacked strong all game. 

Our tackling is getting better with each game we play.  Good team effort.  Player of the week, Michael Howarth.

Under 8 Colts – Best team player, Nate Gunn. 

Try scorer of the week, Thomas Craig. 

Best try scored, Thomas Craig. 

Best support player, Tom Casey. 

Best tackler/defender, Bella Radburn. 

Most Consistent, Cooper McDowell. 

Player of the week, Will Scammell.

Under 10 Bears - Best Team Player, Kaleb Williams. 

Try scorer of the week, Cooper Ballard. 

Best try scored, Cooper Ballard. 

Best Support Player, Hugh Williams. 

Best tackler/defender – Kaleb and Beau. 

Most consistent, Copper Doyle. 

Best goal kicker, Phill Ingram. 

Player of the week, Kaleb Williams. Great team effort by the Bears.

Under 10 Colts - Best Team player, Layden. 

Try scorer of the week, Aiden Green. 

Best try scored, Cameron Murray. 

Best support player, Toby. 

Best tackler/defender, Layden. 

Most consistent, Jock Casey. 

Best goal kicker, Willei Williams Coe. 

Player of the week, Aiden Green/Layden.

Cowra Junior League would like to thank the following sponsors who continue to support the club.

Cowra Services Club, LPC Trading, Signs r Us, Central West Credit Union, JJ Dresser and Co, Allan Gray and Co, Boyds Metal Works, MDM Financial Services, Cowra Health Club, LJ Hooker, Breakout River Meats, Ray White & Dominos Cowra.

Please continue to sponsor these businesses.

Saturday, August 5 – NO CJRL for 6, 8, 10 and 12’s – Riverina Schoolboys Carnival at Junee for representative teams

  • 13’s Away
  • 14’s Home TBA
  • 15’s Away
  • 16’s Away-Blayney


Awesome Action: Imperial Black playing Eye Spy Beauty in A grade.

Awesome Action: Imperial Black playing Eye Spy Beauty in A grade.

Canteen Duty: August 5 10:30am-12pm Elgas 10/11 years. 1:30pm-2:45pm Imperial Black. 2:45pm-4pm Eye Spy Beauty.

Great Game: Central Milling playing Cowra Carpet Cleaning.

Great Game: Central Milling playing Cowra Carpet Cleaning.

Round 11 August 5: 10.30am 10/11s Elgas versus Cowra Bus Company, Top 1. 10.30am 10/11s Cowra Creative Tiles versus Cowra Glass, Top 4.

11.45am 12/14s Thompson’s Livestock versus Elders, Bottom 3. 11.45am 12/14s Rev’ed Up Fitness versus Cowra Services Club, Bottom 1.

Round 10 August  5: 1.30pm A grade Cowra Carpet Cleaning versus CPW Spot On, Top 1. 1.30pm A grade Central Milling versus Balance, Top 4. 1.30pm B grade Central West Uniforms versus Craftsman Homes, Top 3. 1.30pm B grade Imperial Hotel Red versus Thompson’s Livestock Transport, Top 6.

2.45pm A grade Eye Spy versus Royces Jets, Bottom 2. 2.45pm A grade First National versus Imperial Hotel Black, Bottom 1. 2.45pm B grade Newell Motors versus Ambiance Hair Bottom 3.

Round 9 August 5: 10.30am 8/9s Muddle Transport versus Services Club Sunflowers, Top 5. 10.30am 8/9s J & R Williams Livestock Transport versus Cowra Carpet Court, Top 2.


Friday night was pick your partner night with 11 teams trying to be champion for the night.

The final was a battle between Billy Dawes and Pros Soun versus Richard Straney and Rick Boswell.

The final performance of the night saw Pros Soun play extremely well potting many colours to win 78-26.

Sunday snooker saw 18 players turn up.

The first finalist was Rick Boswell who beat Dave Martin in the first round then won against Matty Ryan, Pat Chapple to enter the final.

Jim Williams took the other spot in the final beating Jack Chapple, Daniel Core then Ray Salisbury.

So it was Rick Boswell and Jimmy in the final.

Jimmy potted extremely well to win easily 56-18.

Congratulations to all the finalists over the weekend they all deserved to be there and played extremely well.

It's finally arrived, this weekend Cowra Services Club holds their annual Doubles Championships on August 5 and 6. 

Good luck to all attending this tournament, may you all play like Mark Selby and have a relaxing weekend.

The names have been taken for A, B and C Grade and billiards and the draw has been done.

All grade winners will have their name up on the honour roll plus the respect of the Snooker Club.

The 20 week tournament is now in its 13th week with many players all competing well.

Top 16 play off for $1000 prizemoney.

Friday night, August 4 snooker will be on as usual.

Have your names in by 6.15pm as attendances will be high. No snooker on Sunday as we will be holding our tournament.

See you next week in snooker news.