‘There’ll be a hit on you’: man who threatened police officer fined for foul language

A Cowra man who told a police officer “I will knock you out” and “there’ll be a hit on you” has been convicted and fined $200 for using offensive language.

Justin Brett Hardy, 33, was charged about 8pm on February 15 and pleaded guilty at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, July 5.

While attending a separate matter nearby, a police statement says officers heard Hardy yelling and swearing on Logan Street.

When approached by police and questioned, Hardy told an officer “do your job”, “I rule this town”, “I will knock you out one day”, “there’ll be a hit on you”, “I know where you live” and “I will get you”. 

The court heard Hardy wanted the matter dealt with, and is “trying to stay out of trouble”.

Magistrate Michael O’Brien noted Hardy’s history of similar offences.

“People who are trying to stay out of trouble learn from their mistakes, Mr Hardy has made many,” Magistrate O’Brien said.

“This is not the first time he’s been before the court for this type of offence.

“It was a wild rant involving use of threats towards a police officer who is discharging their duty.”

Hardy was asked by Magistrate O’Brien if he had anything to say about the matter to which he replied “it was pretty stupid”.

He was fined $200.