Teen convicted after late night assault

A 19-year-old Cowra man who punched two people in the face has been handed a 12 month good behaviour bond.

Joseph Peter Herden was charged with assault causing bodily harm and common assault following the offence on September 18, last year, and pleaded guilty to both at Cowra Local Court.

The court heard Herden approached the victims, who were standing near a parked car on Lachlan Street, about 2.30am after a night out at a Cowra hotel.  

Police facts tendered at court say Herden punched two males causing one to fall to the ground unconscious and the other a fractured eye socket and blood filled sinuses.

At court, solicitor Geoff Casey said his client “was not involved in any activity to upset the victims”, and only approached the vehicle because the victims being there “aroused suspicion”.

He also told the court there was initially “pushing and shoving”, before his client was “hit first”.

“He retaliated and hit both parties,” Mr Casey said.

“He was not the aggressor until he retaliated.”

Police Sergeant Beau Riley told Magistrate Michael O’Brien the defence’s argument “seems like a plea of not guilty because of self defence.”

Magistrate O’Brien proceeded with the matter based on the police facts he was handed. “There’s nothing glorious about knocking someone to the ground,” Magistrate O’Brien said.

“There’s people we prefer not to socialise with. It’s not uncommon. Ordinarily people ignore them.

“You took it upon yourself to approach the victims.”

He was also fined $200 on each charge.