Appalling example to kids

A 38-year-old woman has been given a $300 fine for behaving in an offensive manner in a public place.

Belinda Kay Kirkman of Bernie Heilman Street, Cowra told the court though her solicitor she was willing to pay whatever fine given to her.

According to police facts around 1.40am on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Kirkman attended the home address of her victim, wanting to confront her on a number various indifferences. 

At the time Kirkman was well affected by intoxicating liquor.

Kirkman went to the victim’s front door yelling a number of obscenities before leaving the area.

Kirkman’s solicitor Mr Strickland told the court that Kirkman no longer saw a reason to have the victim in her life or be involved with the victim.

Magistrate Micheal O’Brien noted Kirkman’s criminal history saying that she could ill afford to behave contrary to the law.

You took it upon yourself to act in an otherwise bovine fashion

Magistrate Michael O'Brien

“This was another avoidable incident,” Magistrate O’Brien said.

“You have taken it upon yourself to confront the victim at the early hours of the morning, for whatever reason, it is not the behavior of a dignified person.

“It is an appalling example for you children. Whatever differences you may have, you took it upon yourself to act in an otherwise bovine fashion, people should feel safe in their homes.

“You have no control over what others say and do but you do have control over yourself. If you wish to avoid fines, think before you act and behave in a civilized and dignified manner,” he said.


A Woodstock woman has been fined $200 and given a 12 month good behaviour bond at Cowra Local Court.

Sally Ann Roberts of Carrington Street, Woodstock represented herself telling the court that she had never assaulted someone before and never would again.

According to police facts, around 3.25pm on June 15, 2017 Roberts’ victim entered the Woodstock Butchery to pick up and pay for a meat pack.

Whilst the victim was there Roberts entered the butchery and began yelling at the victim. Roberts then asked the victim a question before punching them in the left side of their face.

In a recorded interview Roberts made full admissions to assaulting the victim.