Cowra Trail Club

Join the Club: Cowra and District Trail Horse Riders club get together on the last Sunday of each month to enjoy a relaxing day out.
Join the Club: Cowra and District Trail Horse Riders club get together on the last Sunday of each month to enjoy a relaxing day out.

Winter is well and truly here but unlike last year it has been pretty dry, and a few frosty mornings are not enough to deter our tough trail riders.

The cold wind was blowing on the morning of the clubs May ride, but the Roseburg Forest offered plenty of shelter and protection to keep horses and riders comfortable. Eight club riders took the opportunity to explore a different part of the forest that we have not visited before.

Before heading out riders were warned to expect some of the usual ‘hazards’ often encountered in the forest, but there were no motor bikes, chainsaws, four wheel drives or feral sheep to startle the horses today.

While riding along public road for a short while a single car was the only distraction. Still, that was likely peak hour for that neck of the woods!

This part of the forest is very hilly, lots of riding up, up and up further before heading down, down and down into some lovely lush little valleys. With all riders on the day being experienced and confident the open fire trails and many hills allowed lots of opportunities for cantering.

Trail Boss Rachel navigated along the fire trails, through the beautiful eucalypt and pine forest. The rest of the group were a little concerned a few times as she kept pulling out a map to check on the route, but after about 2 hours, covering 12 km the group returned to the ride base exactly as planned after an enjoyable and uneventful ride.

The floats had been parked in a large open part of the forest, in the shade and shelter of the pine trees. When riders returned they were pleased to see our semi regular support person Simon was waiting with not only a fire but also a hot lunch for all.

After taking care of their mounts, the group gathered around the fire, still well protected from the cold winds and enjoyed hot soup, a cuppa and lots of chatting. No-one was in a hurry to leave but eventually all the horses were loaded up and riders headed home, looking forward to the next one.

This month’s ride was on Sunday with club riders and visitors enjoying a lovely property that is close to town. Previous rides in years past on this property have been very enjoyable, with some open farm paddocks and a bit of light native forest and undulating terrain, no big hills this time. We rode for a couple of hours with the property owner as our guide, finishing with BBQ lunch, a cuppa and something yummy.   For more club information contact Maurice Nicholson on 6341 1458 or mobile 0428 271 896. The next meeting of the Cowra and District Trail Horse Riders Club will be held August 8 at the Cowra Services Club commencing at 7.30pm (dinner at 6.30pm).


Learn More: Interested in joining, visit

Learn More: Interested in joining, visit