Bowelscan kits still available this week

The Cowra Rotary Club Bowel Scan Screening program has once again been popular with the Cowra community.

The initiative is designed to highlight the importance of regular bowel scan testing in the community and to make test kits available at an affordable price to encourage participation.

Last year there were 11 positive results from Cowra residents participating in the programme, four of which led to life saving surgery.

Over 200 test kits were distributed last week.

If you missed out purchasing your kit last week, they will be available until this Saturday, May 27 at Complete Angler and Camping World in Kendal St.

Bowel cancer screening involves a test for bowel cancer in people who do not have any obvious symptoms of the disease.

Bowel cancer can develop without any early warning signs.

The cancer can grow on the inside wall of the bowel for several years before spreading to other parts of the body.

Often very small amounts of blood, invisible to the naked eye, leak from these growth and pass into bowel movements before any symptoms are noticed.