Fair Dinkum Men’s Conference

Bob Burcher (Sydney) and Stephen Moore (Cowra) answering questions mediated by Jay Ittoo.
Bob Burcher (Sydney) and Stephen Moore (Cowra) answering questions mediated by Jay Ittoo.

The Fair Dinkum Men’s Conference was recently held at Wyangala Dam after a group of local Cowra men formed a committee under the banner Fair Dinkum Men’s Ministries Cowra (FDMMC) Inc.

The conference attracted 40 men from the Cowra region and kicked off with a BBQ on Friday night with a challenging talk around the fire by as a man who recounted how he was saved from drugs, crime and alcoholism when he met Jesus.

A long term user he finally decided to take his life, but through a series of events ended up attending Alcoholics Anonymous and meeting followers of Jesus who pointed him to the forgiveness and love that Jesus has for all.

His decision to turn from his previous life and follow Jesus was transformative and lifesaving.

On the Saturday, the men were able to hear how men from the Bible experienced the same issues that are faced today.

This included a King who over steeped his power, stole someone else’s wife and then had her husband sent to battle and certain death.

The King however was confronted with his sinful actions and sought the forgiveness of God.

When his son became King he made his own mistakes which cost him his Kingdom.

One of the speakers Bob Burcher drew on his extensive experience to link the words of the Bible to the challenges that men face today, with the offer to check Jesus out and see how one can be a Fair Dinkum follower of Jesus.

Planning is underway for the conference in 2018.

If you want to read more about FDMMC go the web site http://fairdinkummensministry.com or contact Dave Hopkins on 0428 279 942.