Riders heat up track for winter series round two | Photos

Cowra Motorcycle Racing Club hosted a successful speedway meeting on Saturday, May 13 at Woodstock Park for the 2017 Rock Oil and LKI Winter Series round two.

Two of the Cowra boys lined up for the 500cc A grade final but Victorian Jaimon Lidsey was triumphant followed by Queenslander Zaine Kennedy and the Cook brothers, Zach Cook third and Ben Cook fourth. 

Ben Cook claimed his place in the race by winning the B final.

Connor Bailey went through the Junior 250cc events unbeaten while Cowra’s Moz Brown was a stand out conquering the 125cc division in style proving he is a force to be reckoned with.

Cowra will again host a round of the Winter Series on September 9 with the next round to be held at Diamond Park Speedway in Albury on June 17.

A big thank you to sponsors of the Series, Rock Oil, LKI and associated sponsors GM Australia and Uni Filter Australia.

Senior solos-

500cc A grade, heat points- 

Jaimon Lidsey 13, Zach Cook 13, Zaine Kennedy 12, Ben Cook 12, Keiran Sproule 10, Declan Kennedy 8, Josh MacDonald 8, Alan MacDonald 8, Kane Lawrence 7, James Davies 7, Jack Morrison 5, Mitchell Cluff 5, Jordan Stewart 4, Matt Pickering 2, Declan Knowles 2, Jake Schneiders 0.

B final: 1st Ben Cook, 2nd Alan MacDonald, 3rd Keiran Sproule (fell), 4th Josh Macdonald (ret).

A final: 1st Jaimon Lidsey (Vic) 2nd Zaine Kennedy (Qld) 3rd Zach Cook (NSW), 4th Ben Cook (NSW).

Senior solos, 500cc B grade, heat points-

Josh Coyne 20, Aiden Clare 15, Christian Hojberg 10, Jeff Moss 5, Jim Hordiewicz 0.

250cc Juniors, heat points- 

Connor Bailey 15, Jacob Hook 12, Liam May 12, Cordell Rogerson 8, Jack Miles 6, Bailey Viner 3, Bradley Page 3. B final: 1st Jack Miles, 2nd Bradley Page, 3rd Cordell Rogerson, 4th Bailey Viner. A final: 1st Connor Bailey, 2nd Jacob Hook, 3rd Jack Miles, 4th Liam May.

125cc juniors, heat points-

 Moz Brown 13, Connor Bailey 13, Cordell Rogerson 13, Patrick Hamilton 13, Bailey Viner 10, Liam May 9, Jasper Freebairn 8, Josh Watson 7, Matt Brown 6, Liam Powell 6, James Pearson 5, Aiden Phillip 4, Tom Drane 4, Lachlan Hayes 2, Lex Tracey 1, Nathan Goman 1.

B Final: 1st Cordell Rogerson, 2nd Liam May, 3rd Jasper Freebairn,  4th Bailey Viner. A Final: 1st Maurice Brown, 2nd Connor Bailey, 3rd Patrick Hamilton, 4th Cordell Rogerson.

Photo 500cc A Grade-

Left-Right, 2nd Zaine Kennedy (Qld), 4th Ben Cook (Cowra NSW), 1st  Jaimon Lidsey  (Vic), 3rd Zach Cook (Cowra NSW).

Photo 125cc Juniors-

Left-Right, Moz Brown (Cowra NSW),  Connor Bailey, Cordell Rogerson, Patrick Hamilton.