Rob Eade lays flags around Australia for veterans

With 600 hand-held Australian flags in tow, Rob Eade from Cessnock is travelling around the country laying the flags at war memorials for fallen veterans.

It’s a very emotional journey but it’s one the Vietnam War veteran wants to and feels he must make.

It’s taken Rob – who served in the defence force for 21 years – five months’ of preparation, researching veterans who paid the supreme sacrifice from the Vietnam War to current conflicts.

He intends on visiting the war memorials in the birth towns of some 600 veterans, 223 in NSW, including a stop in Cowra earlier this month. 

While in Cowra, Rob laid a flag down for resident Peter Joseph Jackson (born December 10, 1942) who died in 1969 during the Vietnam War. 

“I have a lot more to go in NSW,” he said. 

“I’ve done about 16,000kms of riding.” 

It’s a self-funded endeavour he estimates will take three years to complete.

Rob – aboard his trike, accompanied by his assistance dog Ginger – hit the road in June 2016, his first town was Collie, southeast of Perth.

He travelled south  before heading to Kalgoorlie, where he believed he had the most memorable moment of the trip so far. 

“I walked out of a coffee club and an 80-year-old woman stopped me and said that she had seen my on the news, and she gave me $5 for fuel money,” he said. 

“To have somebody like that press money into my hand when she can ill-afford it herself… it was so lovely.” 

Rob said that he has enjoyed every minute of the trip so far, which has covered nearly every state and territory in Australia. 

“It gives me a good feeling, you can’t replicate what I feel,” he said. 

“As a Vietnam veteran I lost two very dear friends, I’m making this trip to acknowledge and commemorate these people who died for their country, who paid the supreme sacrifice. 

“I just want recognition for them, not me.

“They were prepared for their job and knew what was asked of them, they just didn’t come home.”

You can get in touch or follow Rob Eade’s journey on his Remembrance Ride Oz Facebook page.