Winter darts comp will heat up

Young Darts Association’s much-anticipated Winter Darts Competition will begin on Thursday April 20.

A total of 16 teams have already registered and have been divided into two grades – A and B grade.

The formats for the competition will be Singles, Doubles and Teams.

A-grade singles will be the best of three and in B-grade the best of one. Teams will be awarded two points for a win and zero for a loss.

If a teams match is required both sides receive one point and the winner of the teams match receives an additional point.

“Cost of play is $4 per player per week and all money is to be left in the envelopes along with the score sheet,” Young Darts Association’s John Laybutt said.

The competition will run for two complete rounds and each side has an equal amount of home and away games. A copy of the complete draw will be available at each venue from round one.

The draw for Round One is:

A-grade: Stockora vs Cobras at Wombat, N.I.B vs Wattle Hire at the Empire, Mongooses vs Steamers at the Bowling Club, Donkeys vs Thunder at the Services Club.

B-grade: Triple Zero vs Thumpers at Wombat, Commercial vs Warriors at the Commercial, Dragons vs Bling Bling at the Criterion, Aussie vs Cri at the Aussie.

For further information please contact either John or Shannon through the Young Darts Association Facebook page.