A century and still going strong, happy 103rd ​birthday Joan Gay

Barry Gay, Joanne McGuiness, Joan Gay and Kate Austin.
Barry Gay, Joanne McGuiness, Joan Gay and Kate Austin.

All birthdays are special but some just take the cake.

Joan Gay celebrated her 103rd birthday yesterday morning, surrounded by her friends and family at Bilyara retirement hostel.

Joan thanked friends, family and the Bilyara staff for coming and thanked Bilyara again for providing a cake saying the hostel was like a second home to her.

Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator, Vanessa Warren, said it was always a pleasure to work with Joan.

“Joan is one of our most well loved residents, she’s just so inspiring,” she said.

“She always gets involved in anything she can and she’s always so positive, she makes working here fun.”

“It’s been a blessing to know Joan and a happy birthday to her,” she said.

Joan said that the residents spent their time making Bilyara a home.

“There’s not much that we don’t want here and what we do want is provided for us,” she said.

“I’m very thankful that I’m able to get about and still do things for myself, I have nothing to grizzle about because life is great.

“We make it (Bilyara) home like and everybody is so kind to us. I loved being on the land, I had a wonderful life on the land, but there comes a time when you know you have to move.”

Joan said she wasn’t sure of the secret to reaching 103 but did have some tips including, not to think of yourself all the time, walking and living sensibly.