Salvation Army fed up with thieves | Photos

Major Cathryn Williamson of The Salvation Army is appealing to the public to avoid submitting donations after hours, as thieves continue to target the charity organisation.

Family Store manager Jo Nobes and volunteers are tired of sorting, tidying and cleaning the car park outside the Macquarie Street store, where thieves regularly rummage through donations left between business hours.

“They take, destroy, break and steal donations,” Jo Nobes said.

“We want the public to know this is happening.”

Jo is urging people to contact the Salvation Army if they can’t donate during business hours between 9am and 3pm. Or stop by prior to work rather than after, meaning items won’t be left out all night.

“If you have donations, we urge you to contact us. Our truck is not just for picking up furniture it can be used to pick up any type of donations,” she said.

“We would rather have the truck pick up donations during the day than deal with what we have been. We will do our best to arrange a mutually convenient time.”

Jo described the ordeal as deeply upsetting because people should feel safe leaving their donations out the front of the Family Store.

“Most people have the opinion that it’s a charity and people wouldn’t steal from it. It’s just not the case. They snatch and grab or they just rip it open and if nothing takes their fancy they leave.”

 The Salvation Army has been targeted by thieves more in the past 12 months than it has ever been, Jo added, and she says it’s mostly people chasing something for nothing.

 To organise a time for your donations to be picked up by the Salvation Army contact 63411315 or drop in between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.