Police aware of letter threats

Police are aware of a number of letters that have been delivered anonymously and are directed to members of the indigenous community.

The contents of these letters are persons venting their frustrations at the recent break and enters in Cowra. Police are asking for anyone who receives one of these letters to report it to police.

Police say that it is unhealthy to have letters circulating that appear to target a certain group of the community, and that it is not helpful.

One letter has already caused unnecessary distress to a recipient who is an indigenous elder and the distress is unwarranted.

Unregistered vehicle

During operations in the Blayney area, Cowra Highway Patrol stopped a vehicle for an RBT during the course of the RBT a highway patrol constable noticed that the vehicle was fitted with a well produced homemade set of number plates.

The driver of the vehicle denied all knowledge of the homemade plates, when the plates were removed from the vehicle highway patrol officers detected a second set of home made plates attached to the reverse side of the plates.

Both sets of plates were not a match to the vehicle and checks on the vehicles VIN revealed the car to be an expired Victorian registered vehicle.

Police conducted a search of the vehicle in which drug paraphernalia was found before the vehicle was grounded.

The driver was issued with four infringements, display unauthorised plate, drive unregistered/uninsured vehicle and not pay road tax, a total of $1500 worth of fines

Vehicle Stop

Police were alerted to a vehicle acting suspiciously in the Eugowra area, the police located the vehicle outside a property where it was followed and stopped.

Police then searched the vehicle, during the search police found a quantity of drugs and other stolen or illegally obtained property in the vehicle.

The driver was arrested and charged with drug and property related offences as well as a breach of parole warrant.


Police report a shoplifting from Bunnings Warehouse on October 9.

A Cowra female took two Socket Sets valued at $500 and secreted them within the premises in the hopes of collecting them later undetected. Police have identified a suspect and are making further inquiries.