HSC: write to the top

Year 12 students from Cowra High School celebrate the end of their first English exam on Thursday afternoon.
Year 12 students from Cowra High School celebrate the end of their first English exam on Thursday afternoon.

The sounds of students shuffling and sighs of relief filled the Cowra High School (CHS) Auditorium as Year 12 students finished their first HSC exam on Thursday. 

More than 70,000 students, 79 of which attend CHS, sat at assigned desks and started their first exam yesterday, with English Standard and Advanced Paper 1 up first. 

Year 12 student Clover Riches said the lead up had been a bit stressful but the exam wasn’t too bad. 

“It was enough that you wouldn’t want to cry,” Clover said. 

Student Maddison Johnson said she had felt ready to sit the exam. 

“You just have to feel prepared and confident and try to smash it out,” she said. 

Aden Day said study sessions on Wednesday afternoons held at the school proved to be beneficial. 

“There was lots of hard work,” he said. 

“You just have to do the best job you can.” 

The students weren’t particularly looking forward to the rest of the exams, but noted subjects such as Modern History should be easier than others. Student Alan Read said they had been getting plenty of practice in the lead up to the exam.

“We had trials, so we are used to it, it’s not as much of a hit,” Alan said. 

“It’s not the end of the world, but it’s pretty close.” 

A number of students have already been accepted into universities such as the University of Wollongong (UOW), through early entry. 

Maddison, who has been accepted into UOW to study science education, said she can’t wait to head off to university. 

“It’s all about new places, new people and new experiences,” Maddison said. 

Student Charlotte Cooper said she will miss Cowra High despite being excited to start a Psychology course at UOW. 

“I’ll miss seeing my friends everyday,” she said. 

Cowra High Principal Charles Gauci congratulated the students and said he looks forward to hearing about their success. 

“They have worked really hard for the past two years,” Mr Gauci said. 

“The 2016 cohort is a fantastic group of students, hardworking with great school spirit and we are extremely proud of them.” 

The students wish to thank their parents, families, teachers and the staff at Cowra High for their support.