Cowra Sporting News

2016 NSW State 125cc Solo Championship

The Championship was held at Kurri Kurri on October 1, 2016 with 21 riders nominated for this year’s NSW State Title, which made for some outstanding competition, after five heats, Maurice Brown qualified third for the final against Kenan Rue (QLD), Connor Bailey (VIC) and Jack Miles (NSW).

In the final Bailey and Rue jumped out in front with Brown and Miles close behind on Lap two, Bailey ran wide allowing Rue and Brown up the inside then Miles and that’s how they went onto finish.  

First Kenan Rue, second Maurice Brown, third Jack Miles and fourth Connor Bailey

It was also the final round of the 8 round winter series and Kurri Kurri Club Championship.

The winter series had two round at Undrea Vic, two rounds Wodonga Vic, two rounds at Kurri Kurri, NSW which Maurice was first in also taking out the Kurri Club Championship and top points scorer for the year.

Cowra Junior Cricket

The Cowra Junior Cricket season is fast approaching - the first game for Milo In2Cricket and the u12 / u15s is set for Saturday, October 22. This year we are strongly encouraging use of the club’s online registration and payment. Visit into your computer (or phone/tablet) and follow the prompts. We want to get ALL registrations in by tomorrow so we can sort out the teams that will take the field when the season gets underway on Saturday 22nd October.

One thing that is not possible online is access to our multiple player discount. If you have two children playing the cost is $80, and for three or more it's $100. That's regardless of whether your kids are playing MiloIn2Cricket ($65 per one player) or u12 / u15's ($50 per one player). Please still register each child online - but don't pay online - instead head to Sportspower Cowra tomorrow Saturday, from 10am-12pm to pay. If you have already paid for two or more online come along and pick up a refund.

Details of start times, teams and ovals will be emailed closer to the Saturday October 22nd start date.   

Cowra Women’s Bowls

On Tuesday, October 11 the final of the minor singles was decided.

Bev Bundy and Marlene Nicholls were the finalists. Marlene won the final in a great game where both girls played excellent bowls.

The final score being 25-18.

Fours competition close on October 20. Girls, we need more entries.

We are having a mixed day Melbourne Cup day. This year the proceeds go to oncology.

Single entries sheet is on the board.

Social bowls and pairs: Ivy Fogg and Sandra Cox defeated J Day and H.W Smith. Dawn Dye and Ben Thompson defeated J Saurine and Elsie Bryant.

Snooker News

Round one of the TSG - Aus Kam 20 week competition has been completed. Joe Verzi defeated Shane Lauritzen, Steve Ingram defeated Jack Chapple, Bill Dawes defeated Richard Straney, Pat Chapple defeated Craig Mudiman, Richard Kelly had a win over Ray Salisbury, Paul Ryan was too good for Pros Soun, Robbie Byrne got up to beat Val Norton and Wayne Lancaster grabbed a win over Jim `the hustler' Williams. Round two has to be completed by the October 15.

Friday night Snooker saw Lee Hun and Paul Ryan do battle in the final. Lee's path to the final included wins over Steve Ingram and then Shane Lauritzen in the semi final. Paul defeated Pros Soun and then disposed of Wayne Thrumble in the other semi final. Paul conceded 17 start in the final but was able to make up the difference to come away with a win over Lee.

Jack Chapple and Richard Straney locked horns in the final of the Sunday Snooker competition. Jack had previously defeated Val Norton, followed by Peter Verzi in the semi final. Richard, giving away a lot of start, defeated Noel Mason and then Wayne Lancaster in the other semi final. With the advantage of a large difference in the  handicaps, Jack was able to make every post a winner and take out the final over Richard. Congratulations to all players.

Cowra Croquet

Saturday, October 8: Netta Noack and Heather Edwards played a singles match together.

It wasn’t Netta’s day as the luck seemed to have deserted her and she managed to get stuck in most hoops.

On the other hand Heather had a more fortunate game and quite a few roquets and  good hoops to her credit.

She pegged out easily with 26 to Netta’s 16.

Jan Trengove and Pam Boler drew to play against Helen Bryant and Glenn Johnson.

Jan and Pam enjoyed a really good attacking game all through and with good management of their chances, they scored the win.

Not too sure how Helen and Glenn fared.

Monday, October 10: A great practice day with Ana Kusetic and Marija Buturac playing against Netta Noack and Pam Boler.

Ana and Marija were in good form for the day and with good strategies and took the win 26, to Netta and Pam’s 18.

Wednesday, October 12: Quite a cold day today and an early start for the afternoon. Jan Trengove and  Glenn Johnson challenged Helen Bryant and Chris Palazzi.

A good start for Chris and Helen, but they were soon left behind by Jan and Glenn. Although Chris and Helen managed to score a couple of breaks (three or more hoops in a go)

they weren’t able to improve their position while Jan and Glenn kept their balls well out of reach and made it very difficult for their opponents. Final score was a win to Glenn and Jan 19-15.

All four enjoyed the battle of the game.

Ana Kusetic, Marija Buturac and Wilma Battye played a three sided game till bell time.

All enjoyed the to and fro of their game. Final score Marija, 20, and Ana and Wilma 10 hoops each.

We all adjourned to the Japanese Garden Restaurant where we joined with Pat and Gordon Rowe to share afternoon tea and thank them for their participation in our club.

We wish them well as they move to a new abode in warmer climes. Pat is pleased that there is another croquet court nearby.


Race 1 Braddon Memorial Heat 1

Mixed Grade 453 metres    1pm

  • 1 Rambling Baquet        Gillian Apps
  • 2 Dillabelle                Michael Holgate
  • 3 Milky Jones            Graham Thurkettle
  • 4 Gypsy Kaye            Jeffrey Stedman
  • 5 Mulberry Way            Warren Marriott
  • 6 Carli Dee                Rod Mcdonald
  • 7 Dusty Willow            Alita Funnell
  • 8 Tina`s Magic            Pam Braddon
  • 9 Spring Country            Greg Board
  • 10 Cheeky Fusion        Wes Mcdonald
  • Race 2 Braddon Memorial Heat 2

Mixed Grade 453 metres      1.15pm

  • 1 Dana Big Karl            Rod Mcdonald
  • 2 Spring Jazz            pam Braddon
  • 3 Cheers Big Ears        Rosemarie Camilleri
  • 4 Mossman            Vicki Prest
  • 5 Quiet Sunny            Ronald Webb
  • 6 Avondale Fox            Alita Funnell
  • 7 She`s A Mustang        Robert Harrison
  • 8 Dana Darby            Rod Mcdonald
  • 9 Fire And Smoke        Graham Thurkettle
  • 10 Polar Junior            Ray Tyquin

Race 3 Braddon Memorial Heat 3

Mixed Grade 453 metres    1.30pm

  • 1 Ivy Blue                Jeffrey Stedman
  • 2 Dusty Boy            Alita Funnell
  • 3 Leathal And Ready        Robert Harrison
  • 4 Black Flood            Wes Mcdonald
  • 5 Dana Spider            Rod Mcdonald
  • 6 Lady Fusion            Kylie Mcdonald
  • 7 Spring Scorpian        Greg Board
  • 8 Paw Selection            Bruce Peck
  • 9 King`s Fury            Pam Braddon
  • 10 Trapper John            John Hutchings
  • Race 4 Braddon Memorial Heat 4

Mixed Grade 453 metres    1.45pm

  • 1 I`m Celestial            Michael Grant
  • 2 Bern Moss            Rod Mcdonald
  • 3 Well Bowled            Shaun Kirby
  • 4 Subzero Cell            Robert Harriso
  • 5 Spring Skipper            Greg Board
  • 6 Irish Fire                Graham Thurkettle
  • 7 Fully Gwarnified        John Field
  • 8 Blame Roosters        Gordon Herbert
  • 9 Cheeky Fusion            Wes Mcdonald
  • 10 King`s Fury            Pam Braddon

Race 5 Braddon Memorial Heat 5

Mixed Grade 453 metres    2.00pm

  • 1 Dana Moocha            Rod Mcdonald
  • 2 Falcon`s Fury            Paul Braddon
  • 3 Benden Burst            William Schwenke
  • 4 Olivia Pie                Michael Rich
  • 5 Drum Fire            Graham Thurkettle
  • 6 Reconsider            Shaun Kirby
  • 7 Dusty Signs            Alita Funnell
  • 8 Gazmick Barney        Garry Abernethy
  • 9 Trapper John            John Hutchings
  • 10 Spring Country        Greg Board
  • Race 6 Good News Flying Stakes

5th Grade 327 metres    2.15pm

1 Cover Queen            Warren Marriott

2 Rhys Pie                Michael Rich

3 Beverly Dale            John Scott

4 Gazmick Leroy            Garry Abernethy

5 Monster Black            Trevor Bermingham

6 Wild Child Taj            Robert Harrison

7 Bourbski Bullet        Les Whitton

8 Glendale Thor            Glenn Schwenke

9 Ima Special Kid        Michael Grant

10 Gazmick Jess            Garry Abernethy

Race 7 Thanks Katrina Flying Stakes

5th Grade 327 metres    2.30pm

1 Cheeky Frame            Neil Mcintyre

2 That`s The Go            Alita Funnell

3 Gotta Sideshow        James Gawne

4 Runy Bling            Warren Marriott

5 Network Gun            John field

6 Ocra                Glenn Schwenke

7 Bally Lynda            William schwenke

8 Mandah Opi            Lynn Maney

9 Bye Bye Bullet            Alita Funnell

10 Ima Special Kid        Michael Grant

Race 8 Thanks Hadley Flying stakes

5th Grade 327 metres   2.45pm

1 dana Scar            Rod Mcdonald

2 Temy Tantrum            Glenn Schwenke    

3 Courtney Pie            Michael Rich

4 Calm Dream            William schwenke

5 Cold As Ice            Warren Marriott

6 Gazmick Craig            Garry Abernethy

7 Rushin`                William Hampton

8 Iron Horse            Lorraine Roy

9 Midnight Embrace        William Schwenke

10 Mandy Magic        Donna Widdows

Race 9 Thanks Paul Murray Flying Stakes

4th/5th Grade 327 metres   3.00pm

1 Blazing Bullet            Jeffrey Stedman

2 Pumpkin Pie            Michael rich

3 Crown Gold            Les Whitton

4 Sixteen                Glenn Schwenke

5 One Stormy Night        Glenn Schwenke

6 Secret Bet            Alita Funnell

7 Tiny Gazmick            Garry Abernethy

8 Buddy`s Me Mate        Greg Mcalister

9 Gazmick Jess            Garry Abernethy

10 Gord`s Gold            William Hampton

Race 10 Final Next Week Stakes

5th Grade 453 metres   3.15pm

1 Mix Up                Jeffrey stedman

2 Moorbel Betty            Brian Thornhill

3 Molly`s Music            Vicki Prest    

4 Dana Whare            Rod Mcdonald

5 Aleena`s Chance        Lorraine Roy

6 Be My Beau            Graham Thurkettle

7 Full Count            Rod Mcdonald

8 Rear Chance            Lorraine Roy

9 Tokyo Rose            Lorraine Roy

10 Cover Queen            Warren Marriott                        

Cowra Tennis

Round 1 of the Spring Night Tennis Competition will be played at Cowra Tennis Club next Wednesday night the 12th October. A good number of entries have been received so far. The comp will run for ten weeks, with the finals to be played on the 14th December. Play will start at 7pm each Wednesday night and all teams should be finished by 9:30 pm or earlier if teams make use of the shared spare courts.

This is usually the best comp of the year as the warmer weather and longer days makes outdoor night tennis most enjoyable and many matches are played in a very social atmosphere. Teams of 2 men and 2 ladies are required, but individuals can enter regardless of your standard of play as the comp covers all grades. Each team in the comp is regraded every week with teams moving up and down the ladder based on their previous performances. This ensures that most of the time teams play against teams of a similar standard.

If you have ever played tennis before, this is a great opportunity to meet new friends, play a family friendly outdoor sport, have fun and improve your fitness. It's not too late to get your entries in if you would like to play tennis. We still have a couple of teams looking for players and there is always a need for subs to fill in for other team members.

Entries and enquiries to Lorraine on 6342 3457 or Cindy on 0414 702 502.

Any player listed below and unable to play next Wednesday night should ring their team captain or one phone numbers listed above.


Fitzsimmons - J. Fitzsimmons, H. Hayes, H. Zeng, S. Dobson

Fuhlbohm - C. Fuhlbohm, L. Braithwaite, L. Hughes, M. Wilson

Francis - L. Francis, V. Withers, T. Everson, C. Ridding

Grinter - A. Grinter, J. Oliver, E. Kitchingman, M. Downing

Bowd - G. Bowd, P. Cottam, K. Bowd, C. Howard

Tremble - M. Tremble, B. Tarrant, G. Tremble, K. Tarrant

Ryan - S. Ryan, N. Ryan, S. Taylor, A. Andrews

Gunderson - A. Gunderson, P. Orford, L. Blinman, S. Nicholson

Nixon - B. Nixon, M. Rankin, J. Wright, J. Laing

Garrett - M. Garrett, S. Shepherd, K. Garrett, K. O'Brien, J. Waters

Brown - S. Brown and team