Parking brake on reserve name request

Bureaucratic red tape has slowed the progress of renaming a local reserve in honour of Cowra's Australian of the Year Local Hero award winner, Lynne Sawyers.

The Darbys Falls Progress Association is attempting to rename the Darbys Falls Recreation Reserve the Lynne Sawyers Reserve, but the Geographical Names Board of NSW (GNB) has voiced its disapproval of the application because Lynne Sawyers is alive.

The request to rename the park was not supported by the GNB as it "strongly recommends that local councils do not prepare proposals to name features to honour living persons".

Cowra Council encouraged the Darbys Falls Progress Association to proceed with the naming of the reserve regardless at a council meeting earlier this week.

They cited the example of encountering similar issues with the naming of the Cyril Treasure bridge, which earned the ire of many councillors then and which quickly reignited their frustration now.

"We will never get this mob to change their point of view - ever," Cr Bruce Miller said of the Geographical Names Board during discussion at Monday night's meeting about Council's response to the Board.

"Simply because they [the person intending to be honoured] are still alive, God forbid."

The village association applied to have the park named after Mrs Sawyers, Australia's Local Hero 2012.

Representatives of the association this week said Mrs Sawyers had advocated strongly for the reserve and had even sown up herself torn shade cloth protecting play equipment to facilitate the reserve being used by the younger residents of the village and remaining open.

Lynne Sawyers was honoured for her efforts in raising foster children earlier this year in the Australian of the Year awards.

Ms Sawyers fostered more than 200 children over the past 15 years.

Lynne Sawyers with the award presented to her on Australia Day earlier this year. FILE PHOTO.

Lynne Sawyers with the award presented to her on Australia Day earlier this year. FILE PHOTO.