Made in Australia: Brumby shows China how to manufacture aircraft

While the mega factories of China produce a quarter of the world's goods, a small local company has given Chinese engineers a crash course in aircraft manufacturing.

Wenjun Lin, Zhuanglong Lin, Qihua Fan, Yangchun Lu and Guo Wu will return home in a few short weeks after working with Brumby Aircraft in Cowra since January.

Their trip was a part of a lucrative 40-year contract the small aircraft manufacturer landed with China's Aviation Industry Corporation last year.

The joint venture will see the company sell 280 aircraft to China, a further 80 aircraft to Australia and New Zealand, while establishing a flight-training facility for international pilots in Cowra.

Brumby Aircraft director Paul Goard said their training in the workshop has been very hands-on.

"It's going well, they're picking it up very quickly. They've all been trained by AVIC so they're all very well educated and very well trained, but they haven't been trained in manufacturing as they don't manufacture aircraft in China," Mr Goard said.

"We're probably one of the first companies to show China how to build something, normally everything from your pens to your boxes and seats comes from China. It's a rare opportunity that we've been able to show the Chinese government how to build light aircraft."

Engineers from China will also return to Cowra assist with the manufacturing of the Victa Aircruiser 210.

Brumby purchased the rights to the aircraft in 2013, which was produced in the late 60s and early 70s.

Only one was ever built, and soon Brumby will put it back into production right here in Cowra either late this year or early next year.

"That will be a rather large expansion and we'll need several more people. We've already put on three people since the joint venture," Mr Goard said.

The light aircraft will be used for training Chinese pilots.

The next stage in the joint venture is establishing a flight school for Chinese pilots at Cowra Airport.