Desex your cats, say vets

Madeleine Brady with Ron Mousley and Kellie Seres with Harry Pawter.
Madeleine Brady with Ron Mousley and Kellie Seres with Harry Pawter.

Like their wizardly namesakes, Harry Pawter and Ron Mousley are brave, curious and full of beans.

They're also on the lookout for a forever home; just two more kittens Cowra Veterinary Centre vets Kellie Seres and Madeleine Brady have to find a home for.

After rehoming more than 25 cats in the last 12 months, the worn-out vet centre staff have one message for Cowra - desex your pets.

Kellie said cats can bear up to six litters of kittens a year, which can cause major health problems.

Desexing female cats prevents mammary cancer, tumours of the ovaries and uterus and pyometra, an infection of the uterus which is fatal if not treated during the very early stages.

Desexing male cats prevents malignant tumours of the testicles, prostate cancer and feline AIDS.

Desexed cats are less likely to stray or fight with other cats, which will ultimately lower your vet bills.

Kellie said it's a small price to pay to keep your pet safe.

"Desexing is hugely discounted - it's only $190 for a female and $95 for a male," she said.

"Desex your pets as early as you can, starting from six months of age. We don't do it any earlier than that because of the anaesthetic risk."

She also said to think twice about feeding any stray cats hanging around your house - otherwise you could end up with grandkittens.

If you're worried about stray cats, you can contact the Cowra Ranger on 6340 2041.