BY-ELECTION 2013: Robert Bridges profile

Why are you standing?

I've had thirteen years as a councillor and I enjoy being a councillor.

I believe I have now more time than ever to give to the town.

Since this vacancy has come up, as I was number 10 on the former list of candidates, so many people have asked if I was going to stand, so I said yes, I will.

What do you see as the big issues in Cowra?

The main topic people seem to want to talk about is the bypass; it is the only way to get the trucks off the street.

I think we've done a tremendous job in the beautification of the town and parks.

Unfortunately in the past fortnight, I've been to Cowra cemetery and [another] local cemetery.

The distance between the two of them was indescribable.

Cowra Cemetery is a picture; I won't mention the other cemetery but it was a desert.

We should also be doing a little bit more to help and nurture young families.

I claim to be the only councillor on the old council who has a son that works in Cowra. So that gives me a bit of a tie back to the community.

What experience do you bring to the table?

13 and a half years of being on council.

I'm the chairman of several committees including the old water committee, access committees,

I've been to several local government conferences and water conferences.

I was deputy chairman of the Lachlan Valley Weeds Committee.

Other than that, a lifetime of experience both in farming and business in Cowra.

Why should people vote for you?

I'm the person who can step up and step into the council knowing what's been going on; knowing the issues, knowing the councillors, knowing the staff and having a good working relationship with almost all of them.

I think that's a big step for anyone coming off the street onto the council.

It's a big learning curve for the first 12 or 18 months for a new councillor.

People don't realise just how much work it is.

Robert Bridges has more time than ever to put into council. Photo: Damir Hajdarevic.

Robert Bridges has more time than ever to put into council. Photo: Damir Hajdarevic.

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