Fishers commence Australian campaign

Has Ky Johnson's bubble burst or can he manage a 7th consecutive PB tonight?
Has Ky Johnson's bubble burst or can he manage a 7th consecutive PB tonight?

Andrew and Mark Fisher began their Australian Age Group campaign in Coomealla (near Mildura) last weekend.

Round one of the Triathlon Australia National Series Sprint qualifiers was contested by more than 150 people in all divisions.

Andrew finished 4th with an overall time of 1:03:59 (9:35, 32:45, 21:39) while Mark was a few spots back in 8th place finishing in 1:07:03 (9:50, 34:57, 22:16).

The swim down the Murray River and a flat course made for some slick times, with the boys picking up valuable points for the Australian team selection.

Back on home turf, there was some keen racing also with Brendan Tidswell and Frank Bright having a ding dong battle in the 1-Lap distance with Brendan leading after the swim and Frank mowing him down in the run - great to watch.

Great racing is also being witnessed between Will Austin and Darcy Callaghan in the Beginners while for many spectators the highlight was watching Luke Chalker tear apart the 2-Lap course.

Although Luke's time was just outside the course record of 25:05 set back in the day by Jeremy Ryan, when he returns to give it another go, he'll give it an almighty shake.

Speaking of records, Ky Johnson's run of six consecutive PB's in the Beginners Course has set the reasearchers scrambling.

Unfortunately, many of the times have been lost in the big computer crash of late 2011, but we know Coatesy had a good run some time back.

Lots of fantastic new tri suits on course of late lifting the dress standards considerably.

One of those looking splendid is Bailey Callaghan who has stepped up to the Beginners distance easily as did Skye Lanham in the 1-Lap, breaking her PB by a minute.

And what about this good looking trio; John Wood is in career best form breaking the 30 minute barrier to meet his season goal before the Chrismas break (look out Bernie); Scott Vickary did his best time for the past two seasons and Darrell Makin went faster than he has done for 12 months.

Well done to you all.

We have the last race of the 2012 year next week before a couple of weeks break over Christmas and New Year.

Set yourself a goal now of not overindulging in that time because the fitness you've developed in the first half of the season is difficult to regain if you do nothing and you come back 5kg heavier.

The first race in 2013 is Friday, January 11.

Cowra Triathlon Club Results

KIDS COURSE (SWIM-across pool/run baby pool, BIKE-600m, RUN400m)


Holly Gorham 5.12, Leah Troy 5.25 (PB), Jessica Hayes 5.29 (PB), Bella Bright 5.50, Maiah Bright 5.59, Jade Lanham 6.28 (PB), Samantha Larsen 7.16 (PB), Adelaide

Larsen 7.46, Lorissa Wood 8.39 (PB), Tara Hayes 8.59, Elizabeth Larsen 12.39.


Ky Thompson 5.31, Carter Langfield 5.48, Daniel Gorham 6.10, Mason Bright 6.39, Rory Sullivan 6.44 (PB), Liam Saunders 7.28 (PB), Nicholas Varela 7.31 (PB), Charlie

Graham 8.12, Drew Langfield 8.41, Mathew Graham 8.49, Lawson Wood 12.23



Chloe Lanham 11.34, Lauren Thomas 12.02 (PB), Ashleigh Saunders 13.47.


Will Austin 10.23, Darcy Callaghan 10.24, Ky Johnson 11.10 (PB), Justin Thomas 11.59, Finn Ryan 12.10, Clayton Hayes 12.32, Bailey Callaghan 13.20, Riley Langfield 13.45, Gerard Larsen 16.11,



Skye Lanham 21.05 (PB), Peta Sharkey 22.55.


Brendan Tidswell 15.44, Frank Bright 15.45, Cooper Sullivan 16.30 (PB), Joe Sullivan 17.39, Sam Long 18.25 (PB)



Annie Henchman 30.37 (PB).


Luke Chalker 25.36 (PB), Bernie Wilkinson 27.49, John Wood 29.27 (PB), Will Baker 30.35 (PB), Scott M Vickary 32.17 (PB), Paddy Ryan 32.55, Toby Baker 34.37, Jeff Larsen 35.07 (PB), Darrell Makin 36.29 (PB)


McLeish, Leyland, Downing 31.09 (PB).