Use your head and wear a bicycle helmet

Earlier this week Carinya held a bicycle safety day for its students.

During the course of the day the students received advice on all things bike, from making sure their tyres were pumped properly to making sure their chain wasn’t too lose.

They were also told about the need to wear a bicycle helmet.

You see a lot of children riding a bike without a helmet in country towns and of those who do wear a helmet you see a lot who don’t wear it correctly.

The Carinya students received some very good advice about not only wearing a helmet but also wearing it properly.

It is pointless wearing a helmet if it is not properly secured.

Cowra Shire Council and the Cowra Triathlon Club combined to pass on this life saving advice about helmets to the kids at Carinya.

It is hard to believe there is still a very loud minority out there who don’t believe you should wear a helmet when bike riding.

I’ve fallen off a bike and I am glad I had a helmet on at the time.

I’ve also seen plenty of others fall and I was glad they had a helmet on too.

Not everyone who falls will escape unscathed but the chances are much better that they won’t have a head injury if they are wearing a helmet.

A review of 64,000 injured cyclists worldwide this week found helmets reduce the chance of a head injury by nearly 70 per cent.

Despite this finding you can bet they’ll be plenty of parents and cyclists who will ignore the proof and take the risk.

They will side with the minority who claim that bike helmets damage the neck and cause serious brain injury.

This latest report has found these claims to be wrong.

The Australian research found helmets cut the chance of a head injury by 50 per cent, a serious head injury by 69 per cent and a fatal had injury by 65 per cent.

Helmets, the report found, also reduced the odds of face injuries by 33 per cent.

New laws have been introduced to protect Australian cyclists Australia-wide.

At the same time Cowra Shire Council has used a significant amount of grant funding to ensure Cowra is a bike friendly town where motorists and cyclists can co-exist in town and on our local roads.

Get out there and ride but use your head, wear a helmet when riding.

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